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  • Jessica

    Love the colors in this collection, especially the bright blue bags!

  • LaDon

    Hmm, in my book Monsieur Lagerfeld is allowed his whimsies as he always upholds the brands core aesthetic and design point of view. Now if i woke up to news that Chanel would now be known as ‘Khanel’, well that would be another matter! Oh and i already opted to pass on this seasons’ offerings.

  • JuliAnn

    Love the colors.

  • purse esq.

    Love the view all function! Thank you thank you!

  • laura

    not a fan of the hula hoop bag…

    • The massive hoop bag is a one-off edition that will not go on sale. The smaller versions will be available soon tho!

  • shueaddict

    First of all – congratulations on the new web design – looking quite sleek.
    Second – my roaming Romanian heart wants that red yellow and blue bag.

  • Ebun

    i have to admit, i was very skeptical about the hoop bag. but i must say, in those small proportions, i could totally see myself rocking it. probably rock it like you would a fur bag, just let the bag do all the talking and the clothes be the accent.

  • Bon

    Love Love the bright colors esp. the blue and yellow!

  • Vicky

    Love that white with red trim Boy? Now, I hope the price is right in the size I want. ;)

  • J. Med

    I want to know how much! Not that I can afford one ever…

  • elle

    i feel like chanel’s been wise to not offer the hula hoop bag for sale–imagine the health hazards of eccentric housewives walking around and accidentally whacking everyone else with the purse.

  • XXL

    What’s the name of the yellow purse on page 10 behind the clear CC bangles?? Any info will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  • Guest

    How do we find out prices for items?

  • easonvae


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