Event: A Day of Shopping for Sweets and Treats

Our Bags: Chanel Large Boy Bag and Chanel Mini Boy Bag

Price: $4,600 for the Large and $3,400 for the Mini

What To Do: A great day of shopping includes looking for accessories and apparel, as well as finding the perfect sweet treat to end the day. After you browse the stores on Madison Avenue, end your day by stopping into Laduree to grab some of their famed macarons with mom. This is sure to delight both mother and daughter!

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Saymama

    Love & coveting the Chanel Boy Large. It’s gonna be my birthday gift to myself this summer :) #savingup

  • Grace

    prices for the classic, boy, and reissue bags have all increased in price as of May 1st.

    • More than the price listed above?

      • Grace

        Unfortunately yes. The mini alone was $3,700 prior to the increase. The large was $4,500. All new prices are reflected on the Chanel website .

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