At a certain point, once you’ve been rich and famous for a few years, shopping for yourself has to lose some of its fun. Especially if you’re a star like Katy Perry, who’s known for her style and, as a result, regularly receives freebies and loaned stunners from basically every brand she could desire. What’s a pop star to do then? If Perry’s weekend Instagram is any indication, she’s chosen to scratch the shopping itch by buying a Chanel Mini Flap Bag for her infant niece.

The baby, daughter of Katy’s sister Angela, was just born (with a living room assist from Katy) at the end of February, and she already has a more enviable handbag collection than basically any baby we know. From the looks of Katy’s Instagram, it seems as though she also hooked the baby up with a pair of super-fancy Jeremy Scott x Adidas sneakers.

Katy’s taken to calling herself “Stylist Auntie,” so it seems as though this baby’s fashion collection has only just begun. If you want to scope out Katy’s pre-auntie style, we suggest starting with “The Many Bags of Katy Perry.”

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  • Guest

    Great, maybe she can use it as a teething aid.

  • kindled

    It would make way more sense if she bought her niece a nice chanel and was like “this will be yours when you turn [insert more reasonable age here].”

  • Duim Daley

    She could give to me tomorrow its my birthaday…April 24….I will love have my 1 Chanel bag….Hello katy can you send me one….any color. Thank You…kkk

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