This bag doesn’t need much of an explanation. The Chanel Paillette Flap Bag is from the brand’s Paris-Shanghai (Pre-Fall) 2010 collection, and it’ll set you back a cool $6000.

Picture via To inquire about purchase, please contact Chanel at (800)550-0005.

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  • Mary

    At $6000 it does need an explanation. What is it made of, why 6k. Maybe my computer fails because it just looks like a green Chanel flap

    • I stopped trying to parse Chanel’s pricing structure long ago. Whenever I tried to make sense of it, it made my head hurt.

      I was a little surprised myself when I called Chanel to get the price. I expected maybe $4000-$5000. But just like any astronomical price for a handbag, there’s probably no real reason that it costs $6k instead of $4.5k, except that devoted Chanel customers with a lot of expendable income are willing to pay $6k. That’s all the reason the company needs, most likely.

  • poodle

    im just going to ignore the price, pretend its like, an $800 bag, and say that this chanel is my favorite in a VERY VERY VERY long time. its super gorgeous! idk why but i love it over any other bag i have seen in a very long time.

    • chiyo

      hve you seen the bag in person? do you know the sequin are opage or see through? and the chain is shiny or antiqe gold?

  • Laura

    it looks like it’s made of cheap green sequins. I cannot tell but I don’t like it anyway.

  • kemilia

    Maybe it looks better irl.

  • stela alves
  • Jen

    $6000 is insane for what essentially looks like a sequined covered hybrid of the classic flap and 2.55 reissue. I mean $4000 for lambskin is already crazy (but whatever, I fell for it so I can’t complain too much, right?) but an extra $2000 for green plastic is beyond my comprehension.

    Chanel’s pricing is crazy. From what I hear, I think that most prices are going up around 30% in August.

    • Sabrine

      Yes, 30%, plus tax, .going to be $4000 incl tax just for a lamp skin 2.55. The shop assistant says, ‘actually US is the last country to increase the price for 2.55’

  • mochababe73

    Jen is correct. There is a press release with the powers that be saying that Chanel will raise its prices about 20%.
    Paillettes are cheap and can be bought at any Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The bag isn’t so bad, but I hate the color. One has to be very careful when choosing to use this type of sequins. They can easily become cheap looking. This looks cheap.

  • Staci

    Amanda, I actually like the color and the dull sequins. If I were to buy a Chanel bag tomorrow, it wouldn’t be this one but it’s still cute!

  • steph

    is this made out of any leather, I’m a vegetarian but I’d love to own a bag like this.

  • Bagolicious

    Gorgeous bag. Beyond ridiculous price!

  • Ping

    At first glance, it’s just gorgeous. But it could be the lighting etc. I must see this in person to see how well made it is. Personally I had found that Chanel crocs in person is not as well made and definitely too expensive for the price (it’s better to get the classic ones), hence I prefer Hermes crocs at the even more insane price (but it’s exquisitely made)……but this color green is gorgeous in this picture. Ping..p.s. as for increase in the bag prices, it’s a little nuts when the country is in recession, but globally esp in Asia, they are booming and are willing to pay these prices!

  • Michelle

    Amanda I was just wondering if you know anything about the 20% price increase Chanel has planned for tomorrow.

  • Tiffany

    so in love with that bag!

  • Chris

    I would have to see the bag in real – not online. However, the bag looks beautiful. I personally love the colour, it is sea-green and will look stunning with the right outfit and at the right occasion. The sequins do not look cheap at all – they are placed very meticulously. JMHO of course.
    As for the price, yes it is ridiculous, but please do not forget that Asia is booming and there are a lot of wealthy Asian women who will be happy to pay the amount just to add another real Chanel bag to their wardrobe.

  • merve

    It looks sublime and I love the colour but there is no way im paying 6k for sequins. Plus there IS a recession and if Chanel are raising their prices in this economic downturn well thats just very unclassy.

  • Ana JB

    The price is insane and obscene! With 6k I can do A LOT, have MORE fun than to have this bag and use it a few days per year.
    I went to the Chanel store recently and the prices are going UP UP UP! The classics ones: sky is the limit! What a pity…

  • Catherine

    One of China’s national treasures is an ancient emperor’s burial armor made entirely of genuine jade chips wired together. I think this is a homage and the reason for that exquisite shade of green. I suspect it would sell out in East Asia even at that price.

  • temmy

    I love Chanel bags, I collect of it but it is hard to get it in Brisbane, when I’m going to hongkong or europe I will buy, but was so angray when I saw people wear copy of chanel. Look at the internet so many copy they are selling, I almost got snear by them.

  • beanyce126

    nope, not interested. (ipad)

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