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  • M

    According to my Chanel specialist (from Nordstrom flagship), the Flap bag style is $4000 (11x 7.5″)

  • Neysters

    CHANEL HANDBAGS – Item: 749845
    Style: A67747-Y07919
    Color: 96655 LIGHT KHAKI
    Dimensions (inches): 8.50 (L) X 3.00 (W) X 6.00 (H)
    Price: $3,400.00

  • Hana Yoo

    Not really a fan of it. A good throwback on their 80s design but not really my thing.

    • chris

      Agreed 1000%… why pay full current retail for a recycled ’80s look? Unless, of course, the Dragon Lady is back in the WH…. lol

  • Don’t like them. I’d rather have the boy bag or the classic flap.

  • Grace Wai

    Not very beautiful but I gonna fall in love with them

  • jeje

    I dont think it looks classy. Sewing quilted C…. i dont see how luxury or classic it is.

  • Ilovebags

    I love them! Very cool with a classic vibe. Who wants a bag that everyone already has, like the classic?! Boring. These are unique and much more classy in my opinion!

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