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  • I die! I want a white bag more than ever now (however utterly impractical they might be)

  • the No. 5 clutches are awesome!!!!

    • Christine

      Can u put anything in them?

  • Jane Doherty

    I love the white clutch with the different types of beads in different colors. The pattern i gorgeous because it makes your eyes move around the bag almost like your looking at a painting or even a quilt. The negative space between the beads shapes and colors is incredible. It looks haphazard but we know it isn’t. I would save every penny I have for a year to be able to purchase this bag. Not to mention is has all my favorite colors two of which were my wedding colors.

  • bir

    Numero 5 clutches wow !!!! and the last clutch is simply stunning i have fallen for Chanel again !!! Karl juts keeps pulling me in !!!

  • Mya

    drool worthy!

  • nappy

    give them all to me!!!!!

  • kristint

    love love love!! :)

  • Christine

    The white ones r just georgeous

  • Lucy Tony

    I love this

  • mimi

    when does cruise 2014 come out in stores?

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