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  • Doodles78

    Some of these are amazing

    • nk

      most of them, in fact. I love this collection!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    Chanel bags soared to the stratosphere since the Dallas-themed Metiers d’Art collection.As much as I love some of the bags I wont be buying them, enough is enough!

    • Fiona-Brasil

      *the prices

  • klynneann

    The python classic flap bag – OMG!

    • johnjsmelley

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  • ami

    I have to cherish the 1 chanel bag that I have since I wouldn’t be able to afford another bag anytime soon.

    • christopherstobler

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  • Sarah

    these are so on point. great job lagerfeld

  • Gabi

    Yes! The Chanel bags have got their mojo back! The tweed; the shearling; the pearls, I’m frothing at the mouth.

  • ECooper

    What are you guys thinking about the fanny pack? I just saw the pewter one and it was kinda awesome.

  • Incredible! Can’t get enough of Chanel right now! …..and python! Really?! We don’t have anything like this at F&E right now, but we’ve got lots of great handbags!

  • S

    It’s not Python skin it’s caviar skin

  • Chanel’s Pre-Collection Fall 2014 Bags Have Arrived – PurseBlog

  • Adelia Erdie

    Great article and very useful, greetings

  • younes essaidy
  • donna

    The Python boy bag!!! Amazing!!!

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