Did you notice how I turned the noun watch plural in the title? That wasn’t merely because I am showing more than one version, that is because I truly want a whole collection of Chanel J12 watches. From what I have been told, collecting J12 watches becomes quite the addiction and I can easily see why.


I am not much of a watch girl myself. I appreciate watches for the functionality they bring us but think of them more as a statement piece. If I am to wear a watch, I want it to be the J12. There are so many options and the design of the watch is geometric, simple and graphic.

Since Chanel knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the J12 comes in diamond embezzled renditions as well. I would settle for either of these options, but even having a little glimmer with diamond markers would make my heart go pitter patter. More via Chanel.com.


I have said that black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty.” – Gabrielle Chanel

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  • Maggie

    Wow!!! Sooo Gorgeous!!

  • Decor Girl

    I wear my white one with everything! Love!!!!!

  • Nasha Sofea

    I wish to hv it.. Looks elegant….!

  • KathyB

    I love my white J12! It feels so good on my wrist!

  • Kate

    I first bought a white 33mm with diamond markers and loved it so much I bought a black 33mm with diamond markers the next day. I have very nice, really expensive watches, but these are my go to watches I wear on a daily basis. I think they are so much fun to wear and I always get noticed.

  • Gerald

    so much more fashionable than Rolex watches!!!

    • lulugurl2006

      8-O Blasphemy!! LOL jk! They are very pretty but Rolex’s are a classic IMO! I like Omega for a little bit of the unexpected tho. I have one with a mother or pearl face and I find it more functional than diamonds..

  • Tiff

    I am dying to get one of these watches on my wrist! They are so beautiful and elegant.

  • christine

    so beautiful!!

  • Jenny in Jacquard

    I’m not a watch girl, but I think I might have to convert for Chanel! Gorgeous pieces!


    • fonz

      I Am
      Selling A White Diamond J12 For A Great Price.

  • Valentina888

    I was driving home tonight thinking “I want to get a Chanel watch”… Then I log on to TPF and see this article, all in the same night – I think it’s destiny. Come to momma!

  • Christine A.

    I’ve been desiring that white one for a while now!! The others are gorgeous too!

  • Muriel

    I have been desiring chanel J12 for long time, i wish to have it.

  • Sofa

    How much do one of these retail now??

  • Rashida

    Wow… The watch is stunning. I’m not much for watches or jewerly period lol they feel weird on my arm but the watch is gorgeous! I peobably would never wear it! On second hand, maybe I’d make ae exception for this watch! :)

  • frbspa

    ^^I think there was a price increase this month:(
    I do <3 my white one, really pops esp suitable for casual outfits. Use my black with diamond markers for more formal occasion. Love them both!!

  • Kristen

    I love mine…..wore it yesterday ~ blk with Diamonds. And yes, I want a white one too. A few months ago I was waiting in the security line at the airport and spotted a girl in front of us with a white one on and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it ~ just gorgeous!!!

  • gpc

    Hate to be the lone dissenter here because I LOVE my Chanel flap, but I have always thought these watches were way over-hyped. Even my SA at the Chanel boutique I shopped at had one, and she made a point to say how she much preferred Michele ceramic watches at a fraction of the cost.

    • Lisa

      I have to respectfully disagree! I have both a J12, and a Michelle ceramic. There is just no comparison….I like (and wear) my J12 so much more than the Michelle (or my Micheal Kors ceramic)…..it just has a richness, and solid-ness to it that the others don’t quite have. To each her own! :)

  • Mochababe73

    I have always wanted one of these watches, but I want to save my money for either a Tag Heur or a Cartier Tank.

  • rose60610

    These watches are very nice. But when you spend beaucoup dollars on a watch or anything else, it’d nice to know you could recoup at least a good percentage of the cost if you needed to sell the asset for cash. If that is a concern, it’s important to consider the brand. If you spent 10 G’s on a Chanel watch vs. 10 G’s on a Rolex, the Rolex would likely get the higher resale value. If you live in a world where that is not an issue whatsoever, then kudos to you. Building a wardrobe of watches can be a lot of fun. And they don’t take up that much space to boot! There are so many beautiful ones out there.

  • Rebeca


  • Rebeca

    they even look cheap

  • Cathy

    Looks great

  • Meredith

    I’m obsessed with my J12 watches, so much so that I have three! I wear them all the time though so that justifies it…right? But seriously, I would recommend them to anyone!

  • Meredith

    I’m obsessed with my J12 watches, so much so that I have three! I wear them all the time though so that justifies it…right? But seriously, I would recommend them to anyone!

  • Marry Lynn

    Karl must remember this is Coco’s brand this is not chanel in any way…

  • emme line

    i just love my black J12 with diamonds, which i bought sometime 5 years ago…..now i want a white one. hhmmm….

  • Deasezzz

    I’m selling mines if anyone is interested?

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