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  • noufa


  • Guest

    On the list for sure!

  • The CC diamond flap bag is totally gorgeous! On the list!

  • I love all of this bags.. I love chanel… I wish i have one of this…

  • Karen Smith

    Last pic’s kinda reminds me of the Gucci disco bag

  • Neobaglover

    Some of these remind me of Chanel bags from the ’80s

    • Susie


      • chris

        Agree 1000%… but WHY recycle that?

  • Joan

    a lot of these bag look vintage

  • kristint

    love them all!!!!…one day i will own a chanel :)

  • Catherine

    The black tote/ flap with black chains, wow!

  • Rashida


  • Stella

    AMAZING! they have a beautiful vintage feel to them.

    • chris

      I don’t understand paying full current retail for a vintage feel… why not buy the vintage bags for much less?

  • catherina

    chanel never fails me.

  • Maria

    when the bags will arrive at the stores?? i loved them!

  • anouk

    when my home renovation is over, i’m saving for my next Chanel bag! that burgundy is love!!!!

  • dinabobina

    Love them all, thank you for the easy to scroll thru photos!

  • Susi

    Love Chanel bags

  • kortni_thegreat

    I want them all. Shutup and take my money!

  • Sloane888

    Fabulous bags

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