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  • Love the lilac bag and so want those blue and white striped cuffs!  The clothing from this collection is stellar. :)

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    LOVE the gold sneakers. Finally Chanel has done something young and cool. 

  • belleism

    omg…i want a beautiful pearl flap purse from the boy collection…but now i want these too!!!

  • the second ones on page 5 and 7 are the ones doin it for me, ha 

    and perhaps the elongated black one with very slight mustard yellow trim is pretty pleasing too. 

  • chris

    not a fan….the vintage gold looking chains on the page page looks exactly like lanvin’s…

    • Fzdds88

      Just my thought exactly, not a fan of that type of hardware.

  • Braddebh

    I love the white bag with the name and address embossed on the hardware and the little coral bag. Just reading the address makes me feel like I’m connecting with history.

  • eli

    This collection if gorgeous!!! It’s not even the name of the brand, the designs would still be amazing as is even without the brand recall. Love, love love!

  • ASG

    in Lust! does anyone know pricing on the bags? Can maybe gift myself one for the bday :) 

  • Rahul Gupta

    Check Amazing collection of bags @

  • MsLabelOfLust

    as usual there is something for everyone..although i dont like the shoes. i just dont see the concept and fashonable vision they came up with for them

  • Karlawilliams84

    Beautiful bag and I love it!

  • Julie_gallaher

    Chanel bags are really great ! Though it is expensive yet it is elegant and you will surely love wearing it!

  • XXL

    there was always something about chanel bags that i didnt like.. and i realized what it is after seeing this collection. the hardware! the vintage looking hardware on these scream perfection for me, filled in the gaps of the classic flaps which i couldnt see before. i wish i could have anyone of them on the first page or the white one on the 3rd. T____T

    • mankwokguo

      that is nice bags, is there any way that I can sell your items on my ?

  • turadosapuay

    it was so really great!the best one.

  • easonvae


  • Jessica R

    Does anyone know where I can find the Chateau Boy, I am dying for one!!

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