Chanel Spring 2013 Handbags (6)

There’s nothing better than when it looks like a designer had fun creating a collection, and this season, Karl Lagerfeld seems to be having a ball (or maybe a hoop, but we talked about that yesterday). First, at Fendi, Lagerfeld sent out an exuberantly forward-thinking collection full of technical wizardry and big, angular ideas, and then yesterday at Chanel, he delivered a set of Chanel staples writ large – necklaces and bracelets made of tight clusters of enormous pearls, the brand’s traditional jackets cut big and boxy, the aforementioned hoop-mounted Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Make no mistake, Chanel will always say “Chanel” all over it.

But there was some notable modernism to the collection as well. Trim black hats featured wide clear plastic brims, box clutches were made over as candy-colored Legos, little bouclé dresses were inset with mesh panels that had an almost industrial feel. The colors were brighter and more boldly combined during much of the show than you’d expect from the brand best known for black and ivory, and that was reflected in the bags as well. Check out the full collection after the jump.

[Images via The Cut]

  • Nancy

    Well, I normally love Chanel. But I’m having a hard time reconciling carrying a bag that is either a hula hoop or looks like a Lego. Definitely not a “practical” approach for those of us mere average fashion followers.

  • kemilia

    Unless the hula hoop “bag” folds out into a lawn chair or hammock, I thinks it’s one of the silliest handbags ever.

  • lisa

    i doubt that the hula hoop bags will go into production. they will probably be used just for press and maybe for lady gaga or someone of that nature. but in general, not too impressed with the runway bags this year.

  • TaoTube

    =-= I feel like i am a freak because i love that hula bag……LOL!

  • Cathy

    Ouch! Terrible! What a surprise…

  • crazybaglady

    Well, this hula hoop bag is definitely an attention-grabber & won’t easily be forgotten. Don’t even know if it’ll fit in the trunk of my car LOL

    • liv4fashionblog

      I was thinking the same thing as well… I don’t think that would even fit in my car!!

  • Ohinuj

    The smaller hula hoop bag looks kinda cute. Definitely better than its big sister!

  • Steph


    • Mr happy


  • irina

    i really dislike that you have changed your format so we have to cruise more pages, not user friendly at all. i understand you want more page hits but 2 bags per page is not a good viewing experience.

  • John

    Over all i must say itis still a good collection for Chanel! The small hula hoop bag is cute! The big one is amazing! Definitely a show stunner!

  • Joy Xu

    just don’t like any of them

  • leah

    hula hoop bag, not my cup of tea but the little white one with the strap on the back looks interesting, however, these lego bags are amazing! i want! the only problem i have is with the manicure. does she have a fungus?

  • cvstyle

    I bet is heavier than any Chanel model!

  • starr

    LOVE the multicolor! :D

  • Daja Fairley

    soooo large!!! ooh la-la!

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