Chanel Bags and Accessories for Spring 2013 (17)

Most of the talk surrounding the Chanel Spring 2013 accessories revolves around the infamous Hula Hoop Bag. When you design a bag so insanely out-of-the-box, the press will flood in and chatter about it for days. Yesterday, Vlad and I were invited to see the Chanel Spring 2013 accessories up close and personal. As the elevator door opened, the Hula Hook bag greeted us. It made its way off the runway from Paris to the brand’s NYC headquarters, and it was just as insanely ridiculous and alluring as I had imagined. Unfortunately, the full-sizeHula Hoop Bag will not be put into production, instead Chanel designed smaller versions of this bag that feature a reasonably sized body with double hoop handles of equally reasonable proportions.

After I got over the Hula Hoop bag, the rest of the collection awaited. Colors reigned supreme for spring, from primary colorblocking to bright hues of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows. Like other seasons, the classics showed up with slight twists. There were so many accessories, I hardly had time to look at them all and give them the time they each deserved. At Chanel, no detail is left undone. Every item has a special Chanel touch that sometimes can only be seen by inspecting it up close.

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  • Jessica

    Love the colors in this collection, especially the bright blue bags!

  • LaDon

    Hmm, in my book Monsieur Lagerfeld is allowed his whimsies as he always upholds the brands core aesthetic and design point of view. Now if i woke up to news that Chanel would now be known as ‘Khanel’, well that would be another matter! Oh and i already opted to pass on this seasons’ offerings.

  • JuliAnn

    Love the colors.

  • purse esq.

    Love the view all function! Thank you thank you!

  • laura

    not a fan of the hula hoop bag…

    • Vlad Dusil

      The massive hoop bag is a one-off edition that will not go on sale. The smaller versions will be available soon tho!

  • shueaddict

    First of all – congratulations on the new web design – looking quite sleek.
    Second – my roaming Romanian heart wants that red yellow and blue bag.

    • Vlad Dusil

      Thanks so much!

  • Ebun

    i have to admit, i was very skeptical about the hoop bag. but i must say, in those small proportions, i could totally see myself rocking it. probably rock it like you would a fur bag, just let the bag do all the talking and the clothes be the accent.

  • Bon

    Love Love the bright colors esp. the blue and yellow!

  • Vicky

    Love that white with red trim Boy? Now, I hope the price is right in the size I want. ;)

  • J. Med

    I want to know how much! Not that I can afford one ever…

  • elle

    i feel like chanel’s been wise to not offer the hula hoop bag for sale–imagine the health hazards of eccentric housewives walking around and accidentally whacking everyone else with the purse.

  • XXL

    What’s the name of the yellow purse on page 10 behind the clear CC bangles?? Any info will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

  • Guest

    How do we find out prices for items?

  • easonvae


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