Here’s mama extraordinaire Hilary Duff toting her Chanel Linen Logo Tote and her baby boy Luca to Mommy and Me class in LA. Stars, they’re just like us? Hilary has swapped out the diaper bag for designer selections like this before – check out her Goyard “diaper bag” of several months ago. She’s generally a fan of oversized bags – for proof positive, check out “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff”. You can shop an authentic selection of pre-owned Chanel bags and accessories at Portero.

Hilary looks pretty fab here. In fact, she’s always making motherhood look pretty effortless. It must be hard to be a frazzled, “normal” mom sitting next to a Chanel-tastic celeb in Mommy and Me class, desperately trying to prevent your kid from putting things in his mouth and spitting up on people. I don’t envy you, LA moms.

The sheer volume of product that Chanel manages to put out six (6!) times a year never ceases to amaze me, particularly when it comes down to the brand’s yearly Metiers d’Art collections, which are all perfectly thematic around a place or city that Karl Lagerfeld finds particularly exciting. For Chanel Metiers d’Art 2013, that place was Scotland, and more specifically, Edinburgh. We explored the collection’s bags, which have recently made their in-store debut, last week, and now we’re here to take you on a short tour of the collection’s small leather goods.

In these simpler, smaller forms, some of the Scottish-inspired details really sing, like the tartan-embossed buttons and delicate leather finishes, which range from metallic to ever-so-slightly distressed. Because of those details, these workhorse accessories are likely to wear well; if you’ve been jonesing after a new wallet or key case, now might be the time to make that happen. Check out the collection below and contact Chanel at (800)550-0005 for price and purchase information.

If you’re a true bag lover, there’s nothing more exciting than flipping through the available pieces at a luxury auction. Sure, it’s fun to walk into a store and see what’s available, but when you’re shopping for vintage or pre-owned bags, the entire world opens up to you. Bags that are only available to longtime VIPs or that disappeared from store shelves season ago are suddenly at your fingertips, and there’s no better shopping rush than laying hands on something rare that you’ve been lusting after. Luckily for you, the Christie’s Vintage Couture Handbags and Accessories Auction is going on now through June 24. (more…)

Here’s heiress Nicky Hilton, pairing what we’re going to call a Chanel Quilted Chain Strap Bowler Bag with a casual, hi-low skirt and a top that says – yes, you’re reading that right – “LOVIN Paris.” Get it? We’re a little unsure of the exact name of this style of Chanel bag, but we welcome input from Chanel aficionados in the know. You can shop a gorgeous selection of authentic, pre-owned Chanel bags at Portero.

As you might suspect, Nicky Hilton’s bag stash is pretty ridiculous. In fact, “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton” was one of the longest and most popular editions of “Many Bags” we’ve ever done! The girl is literally up to her eyeballs in every “It” bag from the last decade. Any purse you’ve ever pined for uncontrollably is probably sitting pretty in Nicky Hilton’s massive bag vault as we speak. (I’m just assuming she has one, because really, you’ve got to protect that kind of investment.)

Here’s Michelle Trachtenberg, acting a little paparazzi-shy while running errands in West Hollywood. The beautiful bag she’s covering her face with is a Chanel Cerf Tote. Michelle’s an avid bag lover – we’ve actually spotted her at past Rebecca Minkoff sample sales! In fact, a “The Many Bags of Michelle Trachtenberg” post can’t be too far off, we’re thinking. You can shop an authentic selection of pre-owned Chanel bags and accessories at Portero.

Michelle has been staying busy since the end of Gossip Girl last year – she’s starring in both a graphic novel movie adaptation called The Scribbler and a TV movie called Killing Kennedy with Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin. I so wish she’d get her own TV series again – I’ll never understand why Georgina never got her own GG spin-off.

We’ve previously shown you some of our own photos of select Chanel Metiers d’Art 2013 Handbags, but now that the bags are available in Chanel boutiques worldwide, the brand has provided its adoring public with images of more of the bags from the collection, which we’ve collected below.

The collection, inspired by the aesthetic traditions of Scotland, includes everything from distressed leather flap bags to a Chanel remake of the traditional Scottish sporran. There’s a lot of tan and moss green in this collection, as one might imagine, plus a little bit of the requisite tartan.

We included a look at this clutch within last week’s examination of the beautiful bags of Chanel Cruise 2014, but we couldn’t bear to let this little beauty – the Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch – sit in obscurity within that gallery of images any longer. No, no – a piece this fun needs its closeup, even if it was already a standout in a collection full of great pieces.

Perfume bottle-inspired clutches have been a cute novelty item from brands including Lanvin and Charlotte Olympia over the past season or so, but no other brand on the planet besides Chanel can boast a product roster that includes both the world’s most iconic fragrance and one of the world’s most iconic handbags. Even though Karl Lagerfeld & Co. weren’t the first creative team to come up with this concept, it’s without doubt the apotheosis of the mini-trend. Rarely do I proclaim that a bag has been done as well as it possibly could be done, but I’m pretty sure that’s what we have here.

Cruise collections won’t be available for about six months, but for now, enjoy the photos of both versions of this little bag right along with me.

Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch Black

Knowing that certain things never go on sale is one of the realities that most bag lovers face every day, but it doesn’t have to be. For so long, we’ve told ourselves that we have to buy designers like Chanel at full price, because the brand doesn’t put bags and jewelry on sale and buying secondhand can be risky – those were just the rules of the game. Like with so many things, though, the Internet has reordered the universe and brought us Portero, a site that allows you to confidently buy authentic, pre-owned Chanel bags, jewelry and accessories online, often at a huge discount from full retail. Somehow, it’s not too good to be true. (more…)

When Chanel trotted the full-size Chanel Hula Hoop Flap Bag on the runways for Chanel Spring 2013, they insisted this showpiece wouldn’t be available for purchase. But after an unexpectedly warm reception to the idea, they made a few anyways, along with a more wearable, wranglable mini version. The bag you see here is a chic black mini version of the Chanel Hula Hoop Flap Bag, on the arm of Kris Jenner in NYC. This bag, surprisingly, looks a lot less gimmicky and cartoonish in all-black, though it seems to lose some of its hoop-like integrity when weighed down with a modest amount of personal belongings. These bags are currently nowhere to be found, but you can shop an authentic selection of vintage and pre-owned Chanel at Portero.

Truth be told, I’m highly surprised Kris Jenner hasn’t been spotted accidentally hooping innocent by-standers with the full size version of this bag on either coast. She loves black and white, she loves high-end bags, and she loves making headlines. (And I definitely saw her eyeing one on the last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.) Could you see yourself carrying this kooky version of Chanel’s signature Flap Bag?

As much as fashion brands love to make a spectacle of themselves, no one does it quite as well (or as thoroughly, or as regularly) as Chanel. When Karl Lagerfeld decides on a theme, he goes for it whole-heartedly. For Chanel Cruise 2014, though, his theme seemed simply to be “Chanel.” The show, held in Singapore, bore occasional details that referenced the Asian location – a few cricket bats, tweeds developed to be comfortable in hot climates – but the things that popped most were the Chanel classics, especially when it came to the beautiful handbags. (more…)

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