Any day that involves Chanel is a good great day. Last week we brought you an exclusive preview of Chanel Fall 2013 Act 1 bags, and this week we are following up with the rest of the accessories and shoes that caught our eyes.

With the theme of the world (literally), this collection offers a classic take with a twist on some of the most coveted Chanel bags.

Diane Kruger has been hot on the press circuit this week in NYC, drumming up a little publicity for her new movie The Host. (Yes, Stephenie Meyer’s new aliens-not-vampires movie.) You’ll notice she’s carrying a hot red Chanel Lego Clutch. Diane is a special pet of Karl Lagerfeld’s, so it’s no surprise that she’s one of the first celebs to be spotted with this intriguing new design, which made its debut in Chanel’s Spring 2013 line.

People always ask me what my favorite brand is, and I always have a hard time narrowing it down and picking one. If I were to only carry and wear Chanel the rest of my life, though, I’d be quite the happy lady. We had the amazing opportunity to preview Chanel Fall 2013 bags before almost anyone else, and we decided, what better way to show them off than to take them for a spin?

Tonight we’ll leave you with a quick teaser look at the scrumptious bag collection that is Chanel Fall 2013!

Tune in tomorrow at 5pm EST to see our full coverage. See you then!

When we spotted model Alice Dellal at the Chanel show last week, we should have known that meant she’d be reprising her role as the face of the increasingly popular Chanel Boy Bag collection. This week, Chanel released the latest ad campaign images of Dellal, which feature her, horses and a bevy of beautiful Spring 2013 Boy Chanel Bags. The equestrian thing isn’t one of Chanel’s usual tropes (as it tends to be with brands like Hermes and Gucci), but in my eternally five-year-old mind, horses are always a good look.

The stars flooded Paris airports this week on their way to Paris Fashion Week, and the French paparazzos are ready and waiting. Here’s actress/the Olsen twins’ little sis Elizabeth Olsen just after landing in Roissy Airport. On her right shoulder, you’ll notice she’s carrying a chic, black Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag, and she also seems to have a Chanel Large Quilted Tote in tow.

It’s so unfair that some of the very best accessories shows are at the end of fashion month. We’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for powerhouse handbag brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to give us a peek at what’s up next, and finally, all has been revealed. In the case of Chanel Fall 2013, the collection turned out to be well worth the wait, particularly if you enjoyed Spring 2013′s Lego-inspired bags.

Almost every brand invites celebrities to their fashion week shows, but only the savviest of brands know how to turn those celeb arrivals into a true marketing opportunity. Chanel, naturally, is among those smart companies that makes the most of their seasonal shows by turning them into the chic media events that most designers wish they could pull off. A not-insignificant part of that process is making sure that the celebs show up dressing the part, and Chanel put one of its famous bags in the hands of basically every star that made the trip to Paris to attend.

The Osbourne women don’t seem to mess around with any less than the best of Chanel bags these days. Here’s Sharon Osbourne carrying a Chanel Boy Bag with ornate gold edges outside of Madeo Beverly Hills. Sharon had just enjoyed a cozy dinner date with her pal Mezhgan Hussainy (ex-fiance of Simon Cowell), pictured at her left. Last month, we spotted her daughter Kelly with a gorgeous metallic green Chanel Classic Flap in NYC.

By now, you like know what to expect from Chanel Spring 2013. It is, after all, the collection that spawned the Instagram-friendly Chanel Hula Hoop Bag, but even beyond that, it was a modern-but-fun set of colorful bags that still retained that signature Chanel look. Now those bags are available in Chanel boutiques worldwide, and we’ve got the lookbook to prove it.

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