Kate Upton was recently spotted at the arrivals gate at LAX carrying a classic Chanel Cerf Tote. This particularly oversized version of the Cerf Tote seems to make an exceptionally good carry-on for a celeb on the go. Kate also seems to be quite partial to this particular shade of indigo blue – we spotted her with a gorgeous croc Celine bag a few months ago that was the exact same shade! You can now shop an assortment of pre-owned and vintage Chanel bags and accessories at ShopBop.

Yesterday news broke that Ms. Upton is reportedly in talks to star (most likely as herself) in the upcoming “Entourage” movie adaptation, which will start shooting next year. If you were wondering, Kate has only a smattering of small acting gigs on her resume, but that’s never stopped a beautiful supermodel from breaking into movie stardom before.

Jessica Biel recently attended a MoMA 2013 Film Benefit in NYC while wearing an assortment of exciting Chanel goodies. Her white dress is actually from the Chanel Resort 2014 collection, and while it wasn’t exactly intended for autumnal wear, I think she makes it work here with the right accessories. Her gorgeous clutch is a very special Chanel Lego Pearl Clutch. Now, far plainer versions of this clutch go for nearly $10K, so there’s no telling how spendy this version would be to the average consumer. Lucky for Jessica, she’s the kind of person who gets loaned things, gratis. (In related news, her husband Justin Timberlake just acquired 600 custom Tom Ford pieces for his upcoming tour. I can’t imagine those were all freebies.)

The theme of that MoMA benefit by the way was “A Tribute To Tilda Swinton,” whose recent contributions to the arts include taking extended naps inside a glass box at MoMA. All jokes aside, I wish we saw Tilda out and about in designer wares at least half as much as we see Jessica Biel, as I greatly enjoy her highly eclectic style. But alas, Tilda tends to keep a comparatively low profile – except, of course, when she’s letting complete strangers watch her get some Zs for the arts.

Here’s Sharon Osbourne, arriving in London to play her part on the UK’s The X Factor (aka, the original X Factor). As you can see, Sharon is carrying a truly massive Chanel bag that we’re dubbing the Chanel Oversized Flap Bag. It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest Chanel bags we’ve ever beheld. It’s gargantuan, so it obviously makes a perfect airplane carry-on, especially if you’d like to smuggle something large and exotic across international borders, like a live animal.

Sharon’s handbag collection is chock full of black Chanel bags of every variety, but this bag obviously stands out from the crowd. In fact, you could probably fit all of her Hermes Birkins in this one Chanel bag, which makes it seem like a strangely practical choice for an A-lister like Sharon! You can examine the rest of Sharon’s Chanel stash in “The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne.”

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Jessica Alba was recently spotted at Hollywood’s favorite (and most star-studded) pumpkin patch, Mr. Bones, picking out some premium Halloween decor with her kiddos. Her bag is a Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag, and perhaps in a nod to the low-key nature of the event, it’s in jersey fabric instead of leather. It seems bizarre that a jersey Chanel bag even exists, but it works quite well with Jessica’s ensemble here. You can shop a small selection of vintage Chanel bags and jewelry, along with some Louis Vuitton, at ShopBop.

Jessica’s also carrying a second bag, but I’m 99% sure it belongs to one of her little girls – it looks like it’s constructed entirely of cockle shells. Strangely enough, this wasn’t Jessica Alba’s only visit to the pumpkin patch this past weekend – there’s an entirely different set of paparazzi pumpkin patch photos making the rounds on the interweb. A-listers demand nothing less than A-list pumpkins, I suppose!

While we were all obsessing over what was coming down the runway in Paris, Chanel’s Fall 2013 bags quietly slipped into a boutique near you. In contrast to the heavily Scottish-accent pre-fall collection, these bags are more streamlined, traditional arrow directly to any Chanel lover’s heart. The bags are almost all variations on the well-loved flap theme, with Chanel’s past (the Reissue 2.55) and present (the super popular Boy Bags) both represented, as well as a few familiar others, like the flap shoulder bag version of the extremely popular Lego Clutch.

The collection also includes a selection of exotic Boy Bags in python and crocodile, as well as the show’s brilliant runway clutches, like the Chanel Globe and That One That Looks Like It Might Be On A Toilet Paper Holder. Below, check out Chanel’s official images of the bags, and if you’re so inclined, head over to Chanel.com for more information and purchase info.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was recently photographed with a shiny black Chanel Patent Quilted Tote while doing press rounds for her new CBS show The Crazy Ones in NYC. Sarah looks extra polished here in her blazer/leather pants/sandals/Chanel bag combo; also, who would have thought it’d be warm enough in October for sandals in NYC? Leather seems to be a huge fall trend amongst the celeb set; we’ve seen leather pants and dresses on a diverse smattering of celebs in the last few weeks.

It seems bizarre that SMG eschewed TV roles for so long after Buffy The Vampire Slayer ended, but an hour-long dramedy on a major network that also boasts Robin Williams’ return to television seems exactly the sort of bombastic comeback vehicle she needs. (I’m deliberately omitting her short-lived 2011-2012 CW series Ringer from her resume.) Sarah is, of course, still married to fellow 90s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr., and they have two children, Rocky and Charlotte.

Here’s Khloe Kardashian, clad in all black and white, arriving to film a scene for Keeping Up With The Kardashians at a restaurant in Studio City, CA. (Yes, it’s STILL on, and they’re STILL filming more episodes.) She’s carrying a Chanel Lego Mini Flap Bag, which is a leather shoulder bag version of the $10K Chanel Lego Clutch that was so popular from Spring 2013. This bag is from Chanel’s Fall 2013 collection, which has just arrived in stores.

It’s hard to talk about the Kardashians these days with even half of the usual frivolity we usually employ when discussing all things Kardashian, mostly because of all the legit drama involving Khloe’s hubs, Lamar Odom. Frankly, I don’t know how Khloe manages to put herself together in the morning and get all this on camera every day. I would be hiding out at home in my bathrobe with the shades drawn at this point.

There are a lot of things I respect about Karl Lagerfeld, but chief among them is his willingness to load down his runway models with handbags and accessories. Those are, after all, the things that make luxury brands the lion’s share of their profits, and with fashion shows now watched by consumers the world over instead of just buyers and editors, it makes perfect sense to make a runway, among other things, a showcase of the stuff that consumers want to buy. Not only did almost all the models from Chanel Spring 2014 carry bags, but most carried more than one.

Often, one of those bags was a graffiti-covered backpack, looking for all the world like it would be right at home hanging on the shoulders of a 19-year-old art student. Indeed, art was the in-your-face theme of the collection, with models walking the runway next to what looked like gallery walls and wearing clothes and bags covered in painterly strokes. Several models even toted oversized Chanel art portfolios, clearly intended to be the Instagram-dominating Chanel Hula Hoop Bag of this collection. If Karl knows anything, it’s who’s watching his fashion shows.

[Photos via Style.com]

Here’s Sarah Jessica Parker strolling through the West Village on Sunday afternoon, enjoying the beautiful New York City weather with her adorable twin daughters. SJP’s carrying an extra covetable purple velvet Chanel Boy Bag from the Fall 2012 runway collection. Amanda actually loved this bag so much, she put herself on the wait list for it, but opted out when she saw the bag’s $4K-plus price tag. [Ed. Note: I mean, that's just kind of a lot for velvet, right? -AM] This bag is no longer available, but you can shop a selection of vintage Chanel bags via ShopBop.

It’s a bit of a shock to the system to see someone trotting out the velvet this early in the year – I love velvet, but I’m still having a hard time processing that it’s fall and not summer. I’ve only just rotated my long-sleeve shirts and light sweaters from the back of the closet, even though it’s really still too warm for them. A velvet Chanel bag is like a smack in the face. My autumn wardrobe is not prepared, you guys! If you’d like to check out SJP’s many, many non-velvet bags, we’ve got you covered, right this way.

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