Here’s Lily Allen, returning to London on Tuesday after attending the Met Gala in NYC Monday night, where she wore head-to-toe Chanel. Incidentally, she’s carrying a grey version of the Chanel Graffiti Backpack here with at least two Fendi Bag Bugs dangling from the zipper pull, which amounts to proof positive that Lily Allen is basically Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite person in the whole world, at this moment in time. You can currently snag a Bag Bug for $800 at Bergdorf Goodman.

Lily has enjoyed the benefits of a close relationship with Kaiser Lagerfeld ever since she was selected to be the face of a Chanel campaign back in 2009. She’s been carrying a ton of Chanel and Fendi over the past six months, but she does occasionally step out with other high end brands like Givenchy or Saint Laurent. You can see the bulk of her extremely enviable handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Lily Allen.”

Event: A Day of Shopping for Sweets and Treats

Our Bags: Chanel Large Boy Bag and Chanel Mini Boy Bag

Price: $4,600 for the Large and $3,400 for the Mini

What To Do: A great day of shopping includes looking for accessories and apparel, as well as finding the perfect sweet treat to end the day. After you browse the stores on Madison Avenue, end your day by stopping into Laduree to grab some of their famed macarons with mom. This is sure to delight both mother and daughter!

Here’s Goldie Hawn, out and about in LA over the weekend, sporting a look that’s very popular among wealthy ladies of leisure: Lululemon sweats and pricey designer handbags. The bag is a Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Quilted Satchel, and it’s from the brand’s Scotland-themed Metiers d’Art collection from last year. We loved that collection so much, we profiled it on three different occasions. You can see Chanel’s Paris-Edimbourg handbags here, the accessories here, and even more handbags here. (I don’t think tartan has ever looked better.)

Goldie probably has a pretty killer handbag collection, but it remains largely undocumented by paparazzi. She does share a love of Chanel with her daughter Kate, however, who has been hounded by paps pretty extensively over the years. You can peep at Kate’s bag stash in “The Many Bags of Kate Hudson.”

Let’s not pretend this is anything more than what it actually is: earlier this week, Karl Lagerfeld threw his Chanel Artist Dinner at Balthazar, which is something he does every year as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. At that event, a wide swath of Lagerfeld’s harem showed up, all sporting impeccable Chanel bags, which were perhaps passed out at check-in. (We’re just guessing, but it feels true.) Singers, indie actresses, models, people who are famous for being well-liked by Karl Lagerfeld – the usual suspects were all there, and because it’s fun to look at those people carrying gorgeous bags, we’ve put together a little gallery of the festivities below. Happy Friday. (more…)

Here’s Disney starlet/pop singer Ariana Grande, arriving at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday in Washington D.C., carrying a teensy gold Chanel Flap Bag. As you can clearly see, Ariana has chosen to pair her Chanel with an oversized lavender sweater and white go-go boots. I might’ve chosen to wear a skirt (or a longer skirt, if there’s indeed one under there) if I was invited to the White House to sing in front of a group of small children, but you know, that’s probably just me.

Just like all the Disney starlets that came before her, Ariana’s bag preferences tend to gravitate towards the extremely high-end. For whatever reason, Disney vets all seem programmed to absolutely love Chanel with a ferocity that is frankly sometimes a little frightening. For heaping piles of proof, you can check out “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus”, “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus, Part 2″ or “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff” and “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff, Part 2.” And of course, there’s always “The Many Bags of Vanessa Hudgens.” Take your pick!

At a certain point, once you’ve been rich and famous for a few years, shopping for yourself has to lose some of its fun. Especially if you’re a star like Katy Perry, who’s known for her style and, as a result, regularly receives freebies and loaned stunners from basically every brand she could desire. What’s a pop star to do then? If Perry’s weekend Instagram is any indication, she’s chosen to scratch the shopping itch by buying a Chanel Mini Flap Bag for her infant niece. (more…)

Here’s Miley Cyrus, leaving her hotel in NYC (where she brought her Bangerz tour over the weekend), carrying two recent acquisitions – her new puppy Moonie and one of the mildly controversial Chanel Graffiti Backpacks from Chanel Spring 2014. She’s also carrying a bright red bag (that matches her manicure), which we can’t quite see well enough to ID. We saw Khloe Kardashian with this bag in a different colorway/graffiti combo a couple of weeks ago. You can find out more about these exorbitantly priced canvas Chanel backpacks at the Chanel website.

Miley has been in the designer handbag-buying income bracket since she was a pre-teen, so it stands to reason that she has two editions of “The Many Bags of…”. Miley has been particularly Chanel-obsessed since she morphed into the short-haired, foam finger-humping pop star that she is today, but she actually owned a baffling amount of Chanel bags way back in her Hannah Montana days. “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus” chronicles all of her bag acquisitions before the big hair chop of 2012, and the “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus, Part Two” showcases everything she’s been carrying since then.

There could only be one. We assembled the bracket, you voted through four rounds, and finally, Chanel is the winner of 2014 PurseBlog March Madness, beating out Celine in the final round, plus all its previous competitors. With a bag lineup that ranges from true classics like the Classic Flap to the avant-garde beef bags of the Chanel Supermarche Spring 2014, Chanel’s audience is wide and its prestige and heritage are huge.

We’ve also noted recently that Chanel is a huge favorite among celebrities of almost every type, and with the Boy Bag modernizing the chain-strap shoulder bag for a new generation of customers, the brand has given itself a new lease on life that should carry it for the foreseeable future.

If you need to brush up on your Chanel news, we can certainly help you with that. If you’re all caught up, we want to hear your thoughts about this year’s winner in the comments!

Here’s Ms. Liza Minnelli, arriving at LAX and signing a few autographs for fans. As you can clearly see, she’s carrying a black Chanel Classic Flap Bag – an iconic bag for a truly iconic dame of the stage and screen. (What is the verbal equivalent of jazz hands? Asking for a friend.) Liza just performed at Walt Disney Concert Hall last Tuesday, and she’ll soon be taking her new musical, “Simply Liza,” to stages abroad in Vienna, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Celebs of every ilk love Chanel, and we’ve stuffed almost all of them into our truly epic “100 Celebs and Their Favorite Chanel Bags” post from last week! We also recently took an in-depth look at Chanel’s Fall 2014 bags. The blog is super saturated with content for avid Chanel lovers at the moment, but the eternal question remains: exactly how much of it can you digest during your lunch hour?

Here’s Lily Allen, leaving her hotel in NYC and carrying a Fendi Fur Peekaboo Bag. She’s also wearing Christian Louboutin Glitter Pigalle Pumps and a Chanel tunic, not that you’d have trouble identifying either. Lily has been in town for a while now and always seems to have a little Chanel on her person. (Here she is with a Chanel Bowling Bag last week.) Lily’s furry Fendi bag is sold out, but you can shop a wide assortment of Fendi bags, shoes, and apparel at Saks. You can find Lily’s glittery Pigalles for $625 at Barneys.

Lily is exactly the girl I would expect to carry this bag. Some designs just require oodles of personality to pull off, and a furry Fendi is definitely one of them. We’ve already discussed how Lily and Karl Lagerfeld are great chums, but I frequently forget that Karl is also the creative director of Fendi (because being the creative director of one major fashion house simply isn’t enough). Which only means more free Chanel AND Fendi for Lily and all of Karl’s other celeb muses!

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