Around the PurseBlog offices, we spend an inordinate amount of time poring over photos of celebs and their favorite handbags, and over time, one thing has become apparent: famous people really, really love Chanel bags. Non-famous people do too, of course, but those photos are harder to come by.

Singers, actresses, models, It Girls, reality TV stars, novelists – there’s a little bit of everything in this compendium of celebrities and their beloved Chanel bags, and that’s probably what’s most notable about the finished product. It takes quite the iconic bag to look at home on the shoulders of such a diverse cast of characters, and Chanel’s signature pieces look lovely on all (well, almost all) of the women below.

Here’s Khloe Kardashian, leaving LA with a Chanel Graffiti Backpack and Kim and Kourtney following behind. This bag was the marquee accessory from Chanel’s Spring 2014 runway, and we’re not at all surprised that one of the Kardashians already has it in her clutches. (Mama Kris Jenner was one of the special few who managed to scoop up a Chanel Hula Hoop Flap Bag during its incredibly limited run after the Spring 2013 show last year.) The $3,400 – $3,800 price tag on Chanel’s new backpacks has garnered a lot of attention, mainly because they’re just straight-up canvas backpacks, embellished with “multicolored ropes.” You can find out more about this bag on the Chanel website.

What do you think about Chanel’s backpacks? Is their intentionally DIY look a bit of a turn off? Can Chanel really demand $3,800 for an incredibly standard-looking canvas backpack that’s just been given a little logo love? For comparison: very similar styles are available at a multitude of mall stores for about $20-$80. Are the Kardashians total suckers for ponying up that kind of cash for canvas, or are we all suckers for giving a brand like Chanel carte blanche to sell us what is essentially the IDEA of a bag, built with the most minimal construction possible?

Here’s UK pop star Lily Allen, carrying a blue lambskin Chanel Bowling Bag while shopping at Intermix in Soho. (I feel an urgent need to add her sweater to my closet immediately.) We’ve seen Lily carrying a lot of Chanel in the past year, and for good reason: Lily is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s special pets. She even starred in the brand’s campaign for Chanel Coco Cocoon bags back in 2009. Chanel bags aren’t available online, of course, but you can read more about Lily’s Chanel Bowling Bag on Chanel’s website.

We actually saw Lily dutifully carrying one of the Chanel Coco Cocoon Totes that she shilled for Chanel just last year. The puffed lambskin that gives the Cocoon bags their distinct look seems to have fallen out of favor in the last few years, but I’m sure it’ll have its day on the runways once again. Even more recently, we spotted Lily repping for Chanel at both London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. She carried three (yes, three!) Chanel Metallic Logo Pouches in London, and the Chanel Art Boy Bag in Paris.

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It seems like only yesterday that Chanel’s art school-inspired Spring 2014 collection debuted in Paris, including quilted leather portfolio’s and grungy stenciled backpacks, but now those bags have made their way to Chanel boutiques worldwide. We’ve compiled the collection below, complete with pricing information where available; even if those backpacks aren’t your thing, there’s probably something in the line that will absolutely take your breath away. (Hint: perhaps the powder blue alligator bag above.)

Here’s Nicky Hilton, attending an NYC screening of Jim Jarmusch’s new vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive and carrying a Chanel Boy Brick Clutch. Nicky has an incredibly prolific bag collection, but she seems to be favoring eternally chic black Chanel bags as of late. We saw her out with her sister Paris a few months ago with a very stylish Chanel Chain Boy Bag, and last summer we spotted her in LA with a Chanel Quilted Chain Strap Bowler Bag.

Even with all of her recent Chanel acquisitions, Chanel bags only represent a small fraction of Nicky’s huge, ridiculously diverse bag collection. If you haven’t yet seen her edition of “The Many Bags of…”, it’s undoubtedly one of the best we’ve ever done. (And yes, we feel obliged to draw attention to it every time her name appears on the site, and we won’t stop until we can rest assured that every PB reader is well acquainted with the majesty that is Nicky Hilton’s handbag stash.)

Whenever you find yourself envying the luxurious lives of celebs, just muse on this little factoid: they all hit the gym way, way more than you and I. The pressure to keep everything tight must be especially stressful when you make most of your living doing fanciful burlesque routines a la Dita Von Teese. But of course, the burlesque life has kept her elbow-deep in Chanel bags for some time now. Here’s Dita leaving the gym in West Hollywood, carrying an uber-feminine Chanel Camellia Flap Bag. Camellias are, of course, one of the recurring motifs woven throughout Chanel’s lineage, along with things like pearls and the number 5.

Chanel’s Fall 2014 show certainly did not disappoint in the bag department. The brand’s cheeky-luxe supermarket theme was ideal for displaying the surprising functionality of Chanel bags of every shape and size. Chanel had a little something for every (conceptual, high-end) type of shopper – oversized woven totes, colorful fabric versions of their Mini Flap Bags, furry foldovers with cartoon graphics…well, you should really just take in the entire Chanel Fall 2014 collection yourself.

More than any show this season, and perhaps in the history of time, Chanel Fall 2014 doesn’t require much of an explanation. Because I’m not sure exactly where that leaves me, though, I’d appreciate it if you’d allow me to be self-indulgent and give you one anyway. We can let Karl Lagerfeld host a fashion show in a faux supermarket, but I, personally, will not let him obviate my place in the universe. It’s my way holding on to some semblance of normalcy in a world where a fake Chanel supermarket is a thing that happens.

Over the past few years, Chanel shows have become more about set design than about the clothes and bags, in a lot of ways, but Lagerfeld still dutifully outfitted each of his models with the brand’s customary moneymakers. The most outlandish of the bags were meat-colored (gross, yet accurate!) Chanel Classic Flap Bags, wrapped in grocery store packaging like ground beef and stamped with assurances the they are, indeed, 100% leather. The real stars of the big-box store, though, were the shopping baskets fashioned out of rigid versions of the chain straps normally found on the brand’s most classic bags.

Of course, what might seem like a veneer of cheeky fun was also a pretty astute commentary on the modern face of the luxury business. As much as popular culture in general sometimes tries to dismiss Karl Lagerfeld as a charlatan, he’s uncommonly skilled at capturing fashion’s place within the larger social picture, and the questions posed in this show’s presentation (Do the super rich, for whom these pieces are made, shop for them the same way that the rest of us buy milk and eggs at the grocery store? Has fashion industry’s desire for endless expansion created a paradox in which its ubiquity makes things that should be rare seem totally common? How does commodification affect the creation of art, if that’s what fashion is?) are worth a moment’s thought, at the very least. Check out all the bags below.

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Here’s Naya Rivera leaving lunch at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood, pairing a sporty all-black ensemble and work boots with a Chanel Vintage Quilted Briefcase, curiously enough. This juice bar seems to be constantly teeming with young celebrities, and its parking lot is a popular paparazzi haunt/stake-out locale. Naya seems to be in the process of tweaking her personal style as of late. (For your reference, THIS is the Naya Rivera you’re used to seeing on TV, and in the beauty aisle of your corner pharmacy.)

I would speculate that Naya is prepping for her post-Glee career (this is the final season) and trying to transition her look from something so teeny bopper-oriented to something a little more sophisticated. To be clear, I don’t contend that this look smacks of sophistication, but this look that Naya recently donned at NYFW seems overly sophisticated, if anything. Or maybe Naya’s just overdressing to throw off the paps. (Too bad, Naya. People can recognize those cheekbones from a mile away.)

Sofia Vergara was recently spotted carrying a white Chanel Flap Bag in Sydney, Australia. Several other Modern Family cast members have been intercepted by Aussie paps around Sydney recently, so I suppose we can all expect the “Modern Family: Down Under” special one hour episode to air in the not-so-distant future. To view the rest of Sofia’s especially luxe handbag stash, check out “The Many Bags of Sofia Vergara”.

Sofia has a lot in common with her character Gloria on Modern Family, especially when it comes to fashion. They both hail from Colombia, they both love tight, figure-flattering dresses, giant sunnies, designer handbags, and ridiculously high heels. I know for a fact I’ve seen Gloria handling several Chanel bags over the last few seasons. In other news: what I wouldn’t give to be able to step out in a maxi dress today without freezing to death.

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