Hilary Duff Chanel Boy Bag

Here’s an enthusiastic Hilary Duff, hopping into a Porsche with her Chanel Boy Bag after running a few errands in West Hollywood. We saw Hilary carrying this same bag at Coachella last month. (Top places I would not take my Chanel bag: 1. The desert. 2. A music festival. 3. The gym. Number of Chanel-owning celebs who have violated my personal handbag-carrying rules: ALL.)

Regular PB readers already know that Hilary is a designer handbag-acquiring fiend, and that her love for Chanel can probably only be displaced by her love for Celine. She does carry other brands on occasion – a little Givenchy here, a little Goyard there – but her affinity for any other designer pales in comparison to her obsession with these two brands. You can see all of Hilary’s favorite designer handbags in “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff” and “The Many Bags of Hilary Duff, Part 2.”

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  • abigail

    ahhh! she is so fab!!

    • RaePooletik321

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  • Nívia

    I hate this Chanel Boy Bag…
    I think its ugly!

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