Goldie Hawn Chanel Chain Satchel

Here’s Goldie Hawn, out and about in LA over the weekend, sporting a look that’s very popular among wealthy ladies of leisure: Lululemon sweats and pricey designer handbags. The bag is a Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Quilted Satchel, and it’s from the brand’s Scotland-themed Metiers d’Art collection from last year. We loved that collection so much, we profiled it on three different occasions. You can see Chanel’s Paris-Edimbourg handbags here, the accessories here, and even more handbags here. (I don’t think tartan has ever looked better.)

Goldie probably has a pretty killer handbag collection, but it remains largely undocumented by paparazzi. She does share a love of Chanel with her daughter Kate, however, who has been hounded by paps pretty extensively over the years. You can peep at Kate’s bag stash in “The Many Bags of Kate Hudson.”

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  • ReneeO

    Lululemon, bleh…..

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