Chanel Diamond Bags

Last week, one of our contributors tipped me off to some bags generating quite a bit of buzz on our Forum – the Chanel Diamond Bags, new for Fall 2013. Members in the Chanel section have traded nearly eight pages of information, photos and opinions on the bags, and we’ve got all the images and information you could want to make one of these little darlings your next acquisition.

Although the Chanel Diamond Bags (referred to as such because of the angled border around the iconic CC logo on the bags’ front panel) are making their official debut right now, the design heavily references several boxy designs from Chanel’s accessories heyday in the 1980s. The bag comes in three sizes – the Small Camera Case ($2,800), Camera Case ($4,000) and Flap Bag (price unknown at this time). The Small Camera Case is a mini crossbody style, the Camera Case is on two shorter chains and the Flap Bag can be worn both ways. The bags are lambskin inside and out, which makes for a pretty luxurious everyday bag. All three sizes comes in a variety of neutrals, including black and beige.

Below, we have both Chanel’s official images of the bag and some of our own, taken from our exclusive look at Chanel’s Fall 2013 bags. Check out the full photo shoot here.

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  • M

    According to my Chanel specialist (from Nordstrom flagship), the Flap bag style is $4000 (11x 7.5″)

  • Neysters

    CHANEL HANDBAGS – Item: 749845
    Style: A67747-Y07919
    Color: 96655 LIGHT KHAKI
    Dimensions (inches): 8.50 (L) X 3.00 (W) X 6.00 (H)
    Price: $3,400.00

  • Hana Yoo

    Not really a fan of it. A good throwback on their 80s design but not really my thing.

    • chris

      Agreed 1000%… why pay full current retail for a recycled ’80s look? Unless, of course, the Dragon Lady is back in the WH…. lol

  • Petra B.

    Don’t like them. I’d rather have the boy bag or the classic flap.

  • Grace Wai

    Not very beautiful but I gonna fall in love with them

  • jeje

    I dont think it looks classy. Sewing quilted C…. i dont see how luxury or classic it is.

  • Ilovebags

    I love them! Very cool with a classic vibe. Who wants a bag that everyone already has, like the classic?! Boring. These are unique and much more classy in my opinion!

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