Chanel Faded Alligator Classic Flap Bag Blue

It seems like only yesterday that Chanel’s art school-inspired Spring 2014 collection debuted in Paris, including quilted leather portfolio’s and grungy stenciled backpacks, but now those bags have made their way to Chanel boutiques worldwide. We’ve compiled the collection below, complete with pricing information where available; even if those backpacks aren’t your thing, there’s probably something in the line that will absolutely take your breath away. (Hint: perhaps the powder blue alligator bag above.)

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  • kindled

    Those boybags! Especially the woven one, wow. Also, I like the new shopping bags (better than GST–I prefer the less obvious logo) and that clear lego clutch is so gorgeous.

  • MAC

    Love the idea of pairing Graffitti and Chanel!

    • Kagem

      The graffiti is so unique and just adorable!

  • ElainePG

    To each her own, I suppose, but all that painted and grunged stuff does nothing for me. Is Chanel having a little joke on us? On the other hand, the 2-tone metallic Boy Bag… wow! Now THAT is elegant!

    • Eat.Style.Play

      Same, sometimes I think puts out things to see what ppl will do.

      • Kagem

        I agree, it’s like a joke to him.

  • guest

    They look amazing, it would be nice to be able to afford one though!

  • Abbi

    the new shopping bags are nice-black on black BOY=heaven

    for me the Painted ones are AMAZING! (5,6,7,9 starting at backpack in view all)

    Wish i was a millionaire :(

  • Andrea

    I like the Graffitti bags, but that’s it. The backpack and the clutches are horrible.

  • Kagem

    Does anyone have any idea whether these new Spring bags will affect Cruise 2014?

    When will Cruise 2014 stop being in stores? I want to buy a Cruise Red Cube bag in April.

  • Kagem

    The clear Boy Brick bag is just a revelation. Gorgeous! That’s going to sell like hot cakes even though it looks like ice!

    • Cath

      Gosh. Any idea how much is it? I can’t get it in my country unfortunately. Probably have to fly to Paris.

  • A

    Anyone hear about the Chanel Boy Bag with the black hardware not being made? I’m looking for this everywhere and can’t find it.

  • Cath

    Does anyone know how much is the clear boy brick? It’s just amaaaazing

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