Chanel Metiers d'Art Collection 2013 (13)

When people ask me my favorite handbag designer, I have a hard time answering the question. My favorites change often depending on the season, collection, and quality of the products. But unequivocally I can always say that Chanel is one of my favorite brands and each time I go to their showroom I am reminded why their name pops to the top of my mind when people ask.

Recently, Chanel hosted a select group at a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland for a show that trumps anything I’ve ever seen. Just as the show started in the partially covered courtyard filled with fire pits to set the mood, Mother Nature realized she was part of a breathtaking experience and snow began to fall. What followed was a trip to Scotland like none other, with models wearing warm tartan prints and plaids, along with long white coats fit for Game of Thrones. The bags and accessories were part of the show, of course, but they cannot truly be appreciated until viewed in person, and we had the pleasure of doing so.

The Chanel Métiers d’Art Collection Paris-Edinbourg may top my list at the most magical collection ever shown. The bags, well, they are just amazing. I’d love to put the collection into words, but I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

  • Camila


  • sara

    I love it!

  • bir

    ok some things i think look like, going to the center of the earth.. circa 1950s with james mason… but the distressed leather and metallic Boy bags are amazing!!! the other boy and flap bags in classic tartan are just beyond very victorian balmoral meets Paris chic so over all i love it ……………….

  • Katja (

    Just one word, amazing!!!

  • Paris in Four Months

    Gorgeous :) Thank you for sharing!

  • lisacng @

    Slide 9, perfect

  • puia

    i m guessing it s going to be a ritual( collections inspired by art and culture of different nations), as i remember chanel did it once with byzantine. that was divine too!

    • David

      every prefall metiers collection is inspired by another culture, shanghai, moscow, byzantine, new york, monte carlo, london etc

      • puia

        tnx. i’m no expert and i want to learn so badly:)
        u mean chanel does it every prefall collection? or every prefall is about that?

      • roberto miranda

        yes and the cruise collection is also included (venice, miami, L.A., cap d’antibes, saint tropez, versailles and i think biarritz or deauville for the next one in may)

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