Chanel Bags for Fall 2013 (1)

People always ask me what my favorite brand is, and I always have a hard time narrowing it down and picking one. If I were to only carry and wear Chanel the rest of my life, though, I’d be quite the happy lady. We had the amazing opportunity to preview Chanel Fall 2013 bags before almost anyone else, and we decided, what better way to show them off than to take them for a spin?

With a retro-inspired feeling, Chanel Fall 2013 Act I bags focus on the brand’s heritage, showcasing the iconic quilting against the classic monogram double C. With that comes colors that will work with any wardrobe and in any season, along with a little pizzaz, like the vibrant pink and sultry grey felt Flap Bags.

Chanel Bags for Fall 2013 (20)

Remember the bag-on-bag trend? Chanel tackled this magnificently without actually placing a bag on the bag, but by making it appear that way by adding a Classic Flap outer pouch detail to a classic quilted tote.

If you are a fan of exquisite elegance, this is the Chanel collection you’ve been waiting for, and you’ll easily find bag after bag to pine for and covet.

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  • noufa


  • Guest

    On the list for sure!

  • Merlinda Yazmeen

    The CC diamond flap bag is totally gorgeous! On the list!

  • Ingrid Cabahug

    I love all of this bags.. I love chanel… I wish i have one of this…

  • Karen Smith

    Last pic’s kinda reminds me of the Gucci disco bag

  • Neobaglover

    Some of these remind me of Chanel bags from the ’80s

    • Susie


      • chris

        Agree 1000%… but WHY recycle that?

  • Joan

    a lot of these bag look vintage

  • kristint

    love them all!!!!…one day i will own a chanel :)

  • Catherine

    The black tote/ flap with black chains, wow!

  • Rashida


  • Stella

    AMAZING! they have a beautiful vintage feel to them.

    • chris

      I don’t understand paying full current retail for a vintage feel… why not buy the vintage bags for much less?

  • catherina

    chanel never fails me.

  • Maria

    when the bags will arrive at the stores?? i loved them!

  • anouk

    when my home renovation is over, i’m saving for my next Chanel bag! that burgundy is love!!!!

  • dinabobina

    Love them all, thank you for the easy to scroll thru photos!

  • Susi

    Love Chanel bags

  • kortni_thegreat

    I want them all. Shutup and take my money!

  • Sloane888

    Fabulous bags

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