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We’ve given tons and tons of love to Boy Chanel Bags, and each and every positive word is well deserved. I wasn’t sure upon first look if I was a fan of the more subdued and casual bags, but after some time to ponder the design, I was hooked. It seems as though I’m not alone. In fact, Chanel has found a way to make the Boy Bags an integral part of its accessory offering.

Since it’s Wednesday, and all Wednesdays have a tendency to make me both happy for the upcoming weekend and a little bummed that it isn’t already Friday, I figured I’d share a drool-worthy gallery of Boy Chanel Bags. Honestly, if I had it my way, I would have an entire row of Boy Chanel bags in my closet, just waiting to be taken out and carried anywhere and everywhere. And if these Boy Bags don’t meet your fancy, try to take a peek at the Fall 2012 bags that will be released soon, major swoon!

Golden black and white leather Boy Chanel bag

Royal blue patent leather Boy Chanel bag

Golden black and white leather Boy Chanel bag

Black embossed leather Boy Chanel bag

Beige leather Boy Chanel bag

Plum velvet Boy Chanel bag

Dark Green velvet Boy Chanel bag

Dark blue velvet Boy Chanel bag

  • ReneeO

    Boy oh boy, me too! I really want a Boy Chanel! I am definitely a bag addict with a large of collection of all brands. But I do not have a Chanel. Wasn’t all that interested until now!! I think chains are pretty but too clanky for me. But I would be willing to put up with that for these bags. I love love love them. I want them all too!

  • Hannah

    My favorite thing about these bags is the oversized chain! It makes the classic bag a little more edgy. Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  • Lana

    Love your blog!! the best!!!!Do you know if the fall 2012 bags coleccion will include de chanel boy in quilted in black leather?? Are the “classic boy” a permanent line?? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazeballs!!

    Boy! arent these beautiful!!!

  • Stefania Arduini

    Love the blue!

  • Bridget

    I’m in love with the green velvet..

  • Victoria

    These are so beautiful!! Prices please:)

  • miriama59

    I LOVE the cream bag..but couldn’t find it anywhere?

  • sandy

    How much of this item I found on eBay:

  • turadosapuay

    wow!!!have a lot of choices to choose..hehehe

  • tara

    i love this size i wanna know the price please

  • tara

    price pleasee

  • easonvae


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