Chanel bags for Cruise 2013 (2)

Back in May, the Chanel Cruise 2013 collection was shown at the magical Château de Versailles, where designer Karl Lagerfeld brought us feelings of eighteenth century opulence. The show itself was exactly the kind of visual magic that Chanel runway shows are known for, with the long line up of models overtaking the gardens of Versailles.

The collection has now made its way to the Chanel showroom in New York, and earlier this week, Vlad and I were able to take a close look at the clothing and accessories. Chanel had flown in two models who walked in the show to model looks from the collection, but naturally, I went immediately to the accessory section. The collection is full of cotton candy pastels finished with beautiful hardware and…well, see it for yourself after the jump.

Light colors that are both neutral and whimsical were shown, as well as floral and baroque details. Tiny bags in spring colors were situated among the classic bags and newer versions of recent favorites. Chanel always has a way to draw me in and remind me why its one of the most sought after luxury houses, the beauty translates flawlessly into the designs. I’m already dreaming of this collection and choosing which pieces I can add to my daily handbag repertoire. Browse our gallery for a close look at what Chanel has to offer for Cruise 2013.

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  • Lisa M. Smith

    Love the lilac bag and so want those blue and white striped cuffs!  The clothing from this collection is stellar. :)

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    LOVE the gold sneakers. Finally Chanel has done something young and cool. 

  • belleism

    omg…i want a beautiful pearl flap purse from the boy collection…but now i want these too!!!

  • Kevin Kim

    the second ones on page 5 and 7 are the ones doin it for me, ha 

    and perhaps the elongated black one with very slight mustard yellow trim is pretty pleasing too. 

  • chris

    not a fan….the vintage gold looking chains on the page page looks exactly like lanvin’s…

    • Fzdds88

      Just my thought exactly, not a fan of that type of hardware.

  • Braddebh

    I love the white bag with the name and address embossed on the hardware and the little coral bag. Just reading the address makes me feel like I’m connecting with history.

  • eli

    This collection if gorgeous!!! It’s not even the name of the brand, the designs would still be amazing as is even without the brand recall. Love, love love!

  • ASG

    in Lust! does anyone know pricing on the bags? Can maybe gift myself one for the bday :) 

  • Rahul Gupta

    Check Amazing collection of bags @

  • MsLabelOfLust

    as usual there is something for everyone..although i dont like the shoes. i just dont see the concept and fashonable vision they came up with for them

  • Karlawilliams84

    Beautiful bag and I love it!

  • Julie_gallaher

    Chanel bags are really great ! Though it is expensive yet it is elegant and you will surely love wearing it!

  • XXL

    there was always something about chanel bags that i didnt like.. and i realized what it is after seeing this collection. the hardware! the vintage looking hardware on these scream perfection for me, filled in the gaps of the classic flaps which i couldnt see before. i wish i could have anyone of them on the first page or the white one on the 3rd. T____T

    • mankwokguo

      that is nice bags, is there any way that I can sell your items on my ?

  • turadosapuay

    it was so really great!the best one.

  • easonvae


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