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  • Isabelle

    There’s quite a few that are played out but there’s also a few that I just love.

  • Mya

    Though not a huge fan of the luggage tote, a lot of the colour combinations on here are lovely.

  • Edia

    omg i thought they lost their touch, but these bags are amazing <3<3<3

  • Stephanie

    UGH WHY does every gorgeous handbag have to be so expensive :(

    • Kelsey

      Go to Forever21… they are really stepping up their game lately- I’m kinda shocked.

  • Jade

    Oh that mint/black cabas just stole my heart. WANT!

  • That moss-green Luggage with navy gussets is a stunner. An amazing bag.

  • twoturntables

    The updated phantom/trapeze is quite stunning, yet simple enough to last a few yearly cycles. I love those knots. Very chic and modern. Unsolicited opinion: I look at these bag and then at the new LVs and just can’t understand why LV is so popular. To each her own.

    • Michelle

      for real,I cant stand LV.Such ugly bags special those w monograms

  • Jane

    Picture 18 the color combo is to die for!!! I will also take the bag in picture 22

  • Casey

    I wish more people would appreciate the beauty of the Blade and the Edge. They’re stunning in person but they just don’t seem to sell all that well, at least where I am.

    • ymmayer

      I totally agree.

  • Maybe in the minority here, but this is just meh for me. It’s a bit been there, done that.

    • Agreed. Nothing worthy of the $$$$ pricetag. Plenty of great dupes out there from Target, H&M, and Ann Taylor.

  • shueaddict

    My travels took me to a boutique in Vienna that only carried Celine, Alaia and Gianvito Rossi … Heaven … I saw a version of the last bag here in a pale mint with sublte matte silver … the quality is exceptional and most of the bags scream understated luxe … come bonus time that bag might be mine

  • Averil

    I am just gonna stalk my local Celine stores till I get my greedy, bag-hoarding hands on that baby blue and deep green mini luggage!!! *pant pant*

  • Eli

    Based on this newest collection, in my opinion, Celine can do no wrong :)

  • MeliB

    How much are the Bags of Celine?

  • Jimmy Chan

    Cabas Totes of both the bicolored and zipper-gusseted varieties. Also available are new versions of what Celine is calling the Celine Tie Tote,, all at Celineukstore .co .uk

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