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  • Palm Collection

    I am in the minority having never been a fan of the trapeze, but I love chic the tri-colored “fold over” bag in brown, cream and red (orange?)!

    • I absolutely ADORE that one, and I hate brown. Celine can even find a way to make me like brown. Celine is magic.

    • mlle p

      My favorite also – the bottom of page 8? Perfect color combo.

  • Isabelle

    love the “fold over” bags as well! does anyone know how much it costs?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t find any price information on the new models. Celine is a bit cagey, so usually price info comes from retail and these bags haven’t started coming into stores yet.

  • JJ

    Are those bags at the end the EDGE? I really like those and will be interested in their price point. Some of Celine’s prices are pretty ridiculous (i.e., the Phantom Cabas which costs almost as much as a regular Phantom!). The fold-over hobos look interesting as well. If the price is right, I would definitely consider getting one of those.

  • Mama M

    Love the ones on p. 14!

  • Bag Damzel

    LOVE the all-soft!! Must say the collection is quite inspiring.

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  • BAM

    Are they coming out with any python cabas’ with this collection?

  • S

    Does anybody know when these bags come out next year?! I feel like whenever I get to Holt Renfrew to buy a trapeze, the sales rep just tells me they’re sold out and I could get on the waiting list if I want, but I want to see them, perhaps try them on before I make a purchase. The beige and black trapeze with navy flaps looks gorgeous in the picture!

  • A

    no more trio? :(

  • AV

    Do you know if the Phantom is still coming out?

  • fifi

    This style is very good

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