Celine Pre-Fall Jim Shi 5

Just like we did with Proenza Schouler’s Pre-Fall 2013 presentation earlier this season, when we heard that Celine Fall 2013 (Celine calls pre-fall “fall” and fall “winter”) was debuting to a very limited press audience in New York City earlier this week, we took directly to Instagram and Twitter to see what kinds of pictures the most in-the-know editors and buyers would be tweeting from their appointments. Accessories are often left out of the images that brands release to media outlets following their pre-collection presentations, so crowdsourcing is often the best way to figure out what kinds of bags will be coming at us in six months’ time.

This time, though, all the best bag photos came from one person: fashion journalist Jim Shi, who clearly knew how much everyone wanted to see the bags. He took lots of pictures of everything from the new Celine Flat Cabas (which is exactly what it sounds like) to the utterly brilliant wood-grain calf hair bags that will no doubt be the highlight of the season. Check out our favorites of Shi’s photos after the jump – if you like what you see, check him out on Instagram.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petra.brankovska ????? ??????????

    I can’t express how much I NEED the last bag on this slideshow. It’s pure perfection (not that the others aren’t)

  • eli

    I am crazy about the flat cabas

  • Jumblemama

    Is that a wood-print phantom I see!!!! waannttttttt

  • pursepro.com

    I can’t wait for the Celine store to open in Beverly Hills!!

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