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I am a tPFer and I love love love love your website. I am searching for my next purse and I have long been in love with the Celine Luggage Tote. I do, however, tend to stick with buying bags that retain their value. Do you think the Luggage Tote has staying power? Will it retain some kind of value or will it be another sad Chloe Paddington case?


Jesse V.

Jesse – Thanks for being a longtime PurseForum member and fan of our site! We love to hear from our readers and I love being asked for advice. You brought up a question that is on many accessory lovers’ minds: Do popular bags still retain their value, or will the craze die down, and with it, the allure of the bag.

Let’s go back to the Chloe Paddington, a bag that was one of the items that sparked the It Bag mania and had people crossing country lines trying to find a Paddington to pick up (for example, ahem, yours truly). The Paddington was different when it came out, the design stood out because of the extra thick leather, the accents, and most notably the extremely heavy lock. This bag was heavy to carry, truly too heavy, but everyone wanted to have it and it was hard to get your hands on.

But the time of the Paddington was during an interesting time in the accessory world, when It Bags reigned supreme and the more ornate and over-designed the bag, the more likely it was to garner premium status. The Paddington was all the rage for about three seasons, but when it went out of style, it really went out of style. Personally, I still love the aesthetic, but this bag reached critical mass and everyone moved on.

Fast forward to the Celine Luggage Tote, a bag that currently has purse-enthusiasts going gaga. This bag has been huge for over two full years now, though, and while it isn’t quite as hard to track down as it was in the beginning, finding the exact rendition of the Luggage Tote that you want can still be quite a feat. What is most important to note about this bag is that it’s more classic than the Paddington. Sure, the design stands out and some even say it looks like a face, but the finished product is extremely classic because of the clean lines, sleek design, and premium quality. Ladylike bags will always have a place in the accessory world, and this Celine bag is both ladylike and feminine while remaining usable and chic.

I can’t tell you that the bag will retain its value. While Luggage Totes can still be resold for close to their original retail, it’s hard to say any designer bag will retain its value over the long haul, aside from Hermes and Chanel. What I can tell you is the bag is beautiful. I own three of these bags and even with more people buying and carrying it (did you see our feature on all the celebs with Celine Luggage Totes?), the bag has not lost its luster. It may be over-carried, but the design is beautiful enough to deserve the attention it is getting.

Hope this helps!


I’ve been eyeing the Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag ever since Celine Spring 2013 popped up on the Internet (for Celine newbies, the brand calls its resort collection “spring” and its spring collection “summer”), and now that the line is set to launch in Celine boutiques on Thursday (along with the rest of spring), it seemed only fitting to take a closer look at what makes the bag so appealing. Besides the fact that it’s Celine, of course.

In my view, Celine makes two categories of purses: Celine Bags and Celine It Bags. You can probably guess which ones fall into the latter category – the Luggage Totes and Trapezes of the world, which are highly recognizable and meant not only to do brisk sales, but to increase the brand’s public profile among those who might not be in the market for furry Big Bird pumps. For a brand like Celine, those bags are the quickest route to profitability, and creative director Phoebe Philo is a master at making sure those pieces are in place at whatever company she’s helming.

The other bags are a bit more rank-and-file; simpler, cleaner-lined, less noticeable to someone passing you on the street. The All Soft, with its DNA taken from the successful Celine Cabas Tote, is firmly a part of this second group, and for me, that’s part of its appeal. With these careful color configurations, the bag can be worn with almost anything, and the lack of serious structure means that it’ll likely be very light and easy to carry. I’ll have to wait and see it in person to know for sure, though; according to the staff at the Celine Madison Avenue boutique, the bag will retail for around $2,000 when it debuts on Thursday – the all-leather versions a little lower, the leather and suede versions a little higher. The associate I spoke to declined to give me exact figures in advance of the launch.

I was certain I had written specifically about the Celine Trapeze bag on PurseBlog, but I haven’t. It seems I spend time writing posts it my head and they never make it to my virtual paper. The Celine Trapeze came in after the never-ending hype of the Celine Luggage Tote and has only helped pick up speed (along with the rest of the Celine train) since then.

Let’s break down the Celine Trapeze and see what everyone is buzzing about (and trust me, the buzz is worth it). While the Luggage Tote became recognizable for it’s face-like front, the Trapeze is known for clean, sleek lines and extra-wide gusset sides. The flap front adds dimensionality, and, in some of my favorite Trapeze renditions, multiple colors and materials are used to bring this bag to life. The top handle has ample space to carry in your arm, and while you could fling it over your shoulder, majority just carry it in their hand or crux of their arm.

The most important aspect to note is the beauty in the simplicity of the design. So many bags have additions that distract from the original lines and style, but the Trapeze doesn’t need anything more. Price for the Celine Trapeze starts at $2,300, inquire via Kirna Zabete.

Proof positive that extreme wealth and power make one blithely immune to criticism or self censure – Oprah took to the streets of NYC Thursday evening donning fuzzy green frog slippers, and wielding a beige Celine Luggage Tote, which we can only hope contained a pair of real shoes. The slippers later made an appearance during her Friday morning “Good Morning America” hosting gig.

We’re all for comfort, Oprah, but walking around NYC in slippers is just a degree or two more hygienic than walking around barefoot. Don’t stick those frogs under a blue light anytime soon. Oprah goes head-to-head with J.Lo this week in a battle for overly casual celeb eminence! Who was the most stylishly under-dressed?

First, a note on semantics. Most brands term their four big collections of the year Resort, Spring, Pre-Fall and Fall, in order of debut. Celine, ever marching to the beat of its own drummer, prefers to go with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, in order of debut. Logically, not only does that fit with Celine’s penchant for well-considered minimalism, but it just makes sense. In the context of the fashion industry, though, it can be a bit confusing. So while these are The Bags of Celine Spring 2013, remember that this is actually a resort collection.

That being said, there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on here. There are beautiful multi-texture Luggage Totes and Trapeze Bags, of course, but there’s also the debut of the Celine Edge Bag, a moderately structured shoulder bag that’s particularly striking in a mixture of black leather and red-orange calf hair. My favorite of the collection, though, may be the Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag, a hobo-esque version of the Celine Cabas with a fold-over closure that lends itself well to the brands signature mix of bright-and-neutral colorblocking. The emphasis on shoulder bags in general is interesting, and it might signal a larger industry trend toward those shapes. Check out the full lookbook after the jump. (more…)

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There are so many magazines that I peruse that have an ongoing feature on how celebrities are just like us. You know, they eat food, they go places, they have families. But typically, all that I think from those silly features is they are like “us” in that they are human, but their lives are quite different. They have drivers, personal chefs and private jets. Though it would seem they should be able to afford all the clothing and accessories they are seen with, the truth is much of it is gifted (even if they CAN afford it). With all the gifting that happens, seeing a celeb constantly tote a specific bag lets you know they really love it, and that’s clearly how Rihanna feels about her Celine Nano Luggage Tote.

We featured Rihanna’s bag collection not long ago and included her Nano, but truth be told, Rihanna can’t seem to put this bag down. From casual daytime looks to a night on the town, this Caribbean beauty just can’t get enough of her black Celine bag. Click for photos of Rihanna with her Celine bag!

The frenzy over the Celine Luggage Tote has been at a fever pitch for seasons now, and somehow, it shows no signs of abating. The visual appeal of the bag is so contagious, in fact, that it has jumped from the fashion crowd straight to Hollywood. Not every It Bag translates that well to people outside of the industry, but Celine has found a way to catch lightning in a bottle. Everyone has one of these bags.

And when we say everyone, we mean it. Everyone from serious actresses to Kardashians to pop stars to models (especially models) has some Celine in their closet, and after careful research, here’s what we’ve learned: celebs like their Celinge Luggage Totes to be all or mostly black, they carry them pretty much 24/7, and the original design generally wins out over the crossbody Celine Nano Luggage and the ginormous Celine Phantom Luggage. For a full review of our findings, please follow me after the jump. (more…)

Celine has been celebrity catnip for what seems like ages, and based on my recent perusals of celebrity style sites and my own research for BagThatStyle, it seems as though the trend shows no signs of abating among starlets, singers, models and reality TV folks and their relatives. Every time I think that Celine has hit its saturation point, the brand seems to gain a new celebrity fan.

In the case of Rihanna and Nicky Hilton, they seem to be fans of the exact same bag – the Celine Nano Luggage Tote in pebbled black leather. Of all of Celine’s offerings, this bag is probably both the most casual and the most functional; it has the Luggage Tote look while remaining complete hands-free, and the crossbody shape makes it a great weekend option. Obviously, though, we have to ask: Who did the bag justice? Check out larger images after the jump and then vote in our poll! (more…)

Right now no one can get enough when it comes to the major Celine bag trend. From the highly coveted and widely carried Celine Luggage Tote to the brand’s newest It Bag, the Trapeze, to the ultimate Classic Box Bag, Celine is taking the accessories world by storm. The difficulty in tracking down Celine bags only adds to the frenzy; not only is the brand not available online anywhere, but very few places carry the bags in-store.

To kick off summer, we have partnered with super chic SoHo boutique Kirna Zabete to give away not one, but three (3!) Celine bags. There is so better way to start summer than by winning one of these beauties to tote around for the rest of the season.


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