Here’s Khloe Kardashian and her BFF Malika Haqq looking super enthralled at the LA Clippers game. Khloe’s got a lovely python-front-flap Celine Trapeze Bag sitting in her lap, and as you browse through the additional photos after the jump, you’ll notice that both Malika and some unseen person sitting behind Khloe are carrying Celine Luggage Totes. Ladies and gents, we may have reached Celine critical mass in LA.

As you probably know (because you’re all such massive sports and/or E! network fans), Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom was traded to the L.A. Clippers after a single, slightly disastrous season in Dallas. Sadly, it looks like a third season of KUWTK spin-off “Khloe & Lamar” is out of the question until Lamar gets his game back. Happily, the Clippers beat the Rockets in this game, so that’s a start, right?

Here’s Kirstie Alley in New York City, matching her cobalt blue trench to her extra chic Celine Luggage Tote. We find this particular tote truly interesting because the front panel is bright blue snakeskin instead of regular leather. The combo of blue snakeskin, black leather, and white gussets make this an especially gorgeous version of the Luggage Tote. Celine Luggage Totes, like all Celine bags, are only available at high end department stores and Celine boutiques. If you’ve got your heart set on this version, though, watch out – it’ll set you back more than the $2,700 that the all-leather tricolor version costs.

Can we give Kirstie Alley props for a sec? She looks extremely put together here, and not at all like she’s about to be smeared over the cover of every tabloid at the supermarket checkout line for being “out of control!” Also, I’d like to point out that this lady just turned 62 in January. Mad props, Kirstie, for both aging gracefully and making fab bag choices.

Here’s celebutante Nicky Hilton after a little shopping trip to 14 Karat in Beverly Hills. You’ll notice her bag is the instantaneously recognizable Celine Trapeze Bag, and her shoes should be just as easy to ID – they’re the notorious Isabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges. Celine bags are available from high-end department stores and Celine boutiques worldwide – the price of the Trapeze varies depending on size and materials, but it usually helicopters around $2,400 American. On the shoe front, you can pick up a pair of similar Isabel Marant Bayley sneaker wedges for $640 at Net-A-Porter.

What’s Nicky Hilton up to these days? Trying to sell her Hollywood mansion for a lot less than what she paid for it in 2007, apparently. If you’re in the market for a little something under 3 mil on the Sunset Strip, you can get the full tour here!

Irina Shayk (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, generally gorgeous person, and girlfriend of pro soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo) was recently spotted in NYC carrying a chic emerald green Celine Horizontal Zipper Cabas Tote and balling up what looks to be her Louis Vuitton Monogram Voile Shawl. If you’ve never encountered this particular bag before and are puzzled by the existence of a designer bag with zippers at the corners, allow me to put your mind at ease – the zippers unzip to reveal the bag’s gussets, not the bag’s interior.

Celine bags are, of course, not sold online, and sadly that shawl is sold out on Louis Vuitton’s website, so you’ll have to hoof it to your nearest Celine and LV boutiques to make these designer goodies your own. (When and if you do, be sure to go brag about it over on PurseForum!)

Just like we did with Proenza Schouler’s Pre-Fall 2013 presentation earlier this season, when we heard that Celine Fall 2013 (Celine calls pre-fall “fall” and fall “winter”) was debuting to a very limited press audience in New York City earlier this week, we took directly to Instagram and Twitter to see what kinds of pictures the most in-the-know editors and buyers would be tweeting from their appointments. Accessories are often left out of the images that brands release to media outlets following their pre-collection presentations, so crowdsourcing is often the best way to figure out what kinds of bags will be coming at us in six months’ time.

This time, though, all the best bag photos came from one person: fashion journalist Jim Shi, who clearly knew how much everyone wanted to see the bags. He took lots of pictures of everything from the new Celine Flat Cabas (which is exactly what it sounds like) to the utterly brilliant wood-grain calf hair bags that will no doubt be the highlight of the season. Check out our favorites of Shi’s photos after the jump – if you like what you see, check him out on Instagram.

Here’s sexy sexpot [Ed. note: We're required by Internet law to introduce her that way.] Kate Upton on her way into Madison Square Garden Monday night with her gorgeous black and white Celine Luggage Tote. Kate had a casual, court-side date with the New York Knicks. Could anything be more distracting for the opposing team than having a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl chilling out just out of bounds? Well played, Knicks. Well played.

Kate is the second celeb we’ve featured this week with a Celine tote on her arm. The Celine Luggage Tote, in all of its varities (including Phantom and Nano) is a bona fide celeb fave for 2012. For a comprehensive breakdown of all the celebs with Celine totes in their closet (Kate Upton has at least two), check out “Celebs and their Celine Luggage Totes: A Retrospective”. Irritatingly enough, despite the fact that it’s reached full celeb market saturation, you still can’t buy one of these online. (We’re holding out for a resolution to that in 2013.)

Here’s the ATL’s own Real Housewife extraordinaire, Nene Leakes, keeping it low-key with her embossed crocodile Celine Phantom Luggage Tote. She’s exiting LA’s Barneys New York location with ex-husband Gregg Leakes (their 2011 divorce clearly didn’t take), their son Brentt, and teensy pooch Playa. Want your own Phantom tote? You’ll have to head down to Barneys yourself – they’re only available in-stores.

Based on Nene’s down-time wardrobe on RHOA, she’s clearly a fan of neutrals and jersey knits, so this all-black ensemble of uber distressed jeans, sheer black top, and sequined scarf seems Nene-appropriate for a day of light shopping with the fam. Nene is spending a lot more time in LA as of late because of her recurring role on NBC’s The New Normal and her occasional pop-up appearances on Glee, both of which should keep her in Celine Luggage Totes for some time.

Jennifer Garner was snapped in Santa Monica this week ferrying her adorbs daughter Seraphina around in one arm and the ever stylish black Celine Luggage Tote in the other. From the looks of Seraphina’s tiny feet, they may very well be on their way back from a mommy-daughter spa date. More on all that celeb spawn cuteness in a moment, but first, this absolutely vital bit of information: you can get the Celine Luggage Tote in stores for $2400 – it is STILL not, as of yet, available online. Which is a TRAVESTY.

Middle child Seraphina recently partied down with big sis Violet as Violet celebrated her 7th b-day with friends and fam at the Los Angeles Build-A-Bear. (Stars, they’re just like us…) They were of course in the company of their dad, Ben Affleck (you know, the guy from that movie Good Will Hunting? And a few others…), and their littlest bro, Samuel. Many a bear was stuffed that day.

Before you read the word “summer” and tell us we’re getting ahead of ourselves, a reminder: what Celine calls spring is actually resort, and resort is already available in Celine boutiques. This collection, termed Celine Summer 2013, is then the next thing to arrive in stores. That means that it’s time to start looking hard at what’s going to be available and plotting your purchases now; as we all know, the best Celine pieces often sell out in pre-order.

Unsurprisingly, the collection includes some truly covetable things. Among them are Spring 2013′s new pieces, the Celine Edge Tote and Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag in new color combinations – both are strong additions to the line. My favorite piece, though, is the tricolor Celine Trapeze Bag above – the light blue, seen throughout the bag collection, is a wonderful contrast to the graphic black and white of the bag’s body. Check out the rest of the collection below.

Hi Megs and Vlad!

I am a tPFer and I love love love love your website. I am searching for my next purse and I have long been in love with the Celine Luggage Tote. I do, however, tend to stick with buying bags that retain their value. Do you think the Luggage Tote has staying power? Will it retain some kind of value or will it be another sad Chloe Paddington case?


Jesse V.

Jesse – Thanks for being a longtime PurseForum member and fan of our site! We love to hear from our readers and I love being asked for advice. You brought up a question that is on many accessory lovers’ minds: Do popular bags still retain their value, or will the craze die down, and with it, the allure of the bag.

Let’s go back to the Chloe Paddington, a bag that was one of the items that sparked the It Bag mania and had people crossing country lines trying to find a Paddington to pick up (for example, ahem, yours truly). The Paddington was different when it came out, the design stood out because of the extra thick leather, the accents, and most notably the extremely heavy lock. This bag was heavy to carry, truly too heavy, but everyone wanted to have it and it was hard to get your hands on.

But the time of the Paddington was during an interesting time in the accessory world, when It Bags reigned supreme and the more ornate and over-designed the bag, the more likely it was to garner premium status. The Paddington was all the rage for about three seasons, but when it went out of style, it really went out of style. Personally, I still love the aesthetic, but this bag reached critical mass and everyone moved on.

Fast forward to the Celine Luggage Tote, a bag that currently has purse-enthusiasts going gaga. This bag has been huge for over two full years now, though, and while it isn’t quite as hard to track down as it was in the beginning, finding the exact rendition of the Luggage Tote that you want can still be quite a feat. What is most important to note about this bag is that it’s more classic than the Paddington. Sure, the design stands out and some even say it looks like a face, but the finished product is extremely classic because of the clean lines, sleek design, and premium quality. Ladylike bags will always have a place in the accessory world, and this Celine bag is both ladylike and feminine while remaining usable and chic.

I can’t tell you that the bag will retain its value. While Luggage Totes can still be resold for close to their original retail, it’s hard to say any designer bag will retain its value over the long haul, aside from Hermes and Chanel. What I can tell you is the bag is beautiful. I own three of these bags and even with more people buying and carrying it (did you see our feature on all the celebs with Celine Luggage Totes?), the bag has not lost its luster. It may be over-carried, but the design is beautiful enough to deserve the attention it is getting.

Hope this helps!


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