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  • Marina Harbor

    Great colors!, Strange bags! We have to be patience and wait for the non-runway bags, thats what Im really looking forward!

  • Dominic Leto

    There is certainly art in these pieces; they just aren’t functional for day-to-day life. And I thought Philo was designing for the “modern day woman.” I can’t see buyers picking much of this up –which is a shame because Céline’s accessories pay most of the house’s bills. There isn’t even a fragrance profit to fall back on. Editorials will scoop this up, sure, but this will be a true testament to its customer loyalty. I’m sure the unpictured new color palette for the Luggage, Trapeze, and Phantom will save the day, though.

  • Not thinking these are going to hit the “it bag” status of past Celine bags.

  • Sandra

    I thought the straight jacket coat from fall was weird… I understand that certain pieces in every collection are more editorial less functional….but the bags here are just bad in every way.

  • Milla

    The first bag (black with fringe and a gold handle) seems to be inspired by Vikor and Rolf’s bombette bag!

  • Katja Golob

    I like Celine bags, but not this collection…

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    The only person who will carry this bag is Anna Dello Russo. Maybe Kris Jenner too (remember her Chanel Hoolahop bag?).

  • Mary

    I’m sure as soon as Phoebe gives one or two of these bags to Kim Kardashian everyone will want one eventhough they make no sense to anyone with a real day to day schedule.

  • ?? ?

    so ugly?~really? I can hardly imagine those beautiful and practical bags like trapeze&luggage tote belong to this brand. those fringe, even vanessa hudgens may reluctant to try them on…

  • throttle13

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  • Jimmy Chan

    For Celine’s Spring 2014 Handbags, it’s…well, it’s a little complicated.
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