Celine Spring 2014 Handbags (4)

For many of the most high-brands, the bags that appear on the runway differ significantly from the bags for which consumers will be clamoring several months after the show. That’s perhaps nowhere truer than it is at Celine, where Phoebe Philo consistently shows conceptual, difficult-to-carry bags and then turns around and sells Luggage Totes and Trapeze Bags hand-over-fist six months later. Celine’s runway bags often get at the heart of where accessories are headed, though, whether it be blank-slate pouch clutches or bold colorblocking. For Celine’s Spring 2014 Handbags, it’s…well, it’s a little complicated.

The message of the manner of dressing advocated through the collection’s clothes was communicated clearly, but less so for the accessories, which are usually a more straightforward, market-conscious endeavor, even on the runway. Instead of that, we got sack bags with giant, asymmetric tubular handles splayed open, plus some of Celine’s always-popular pouches, this time with rings in the central to display a contrasting leather color beneath. Oh, and fringe. A ton of fringe in unexpected places, spilling out of clutches and faux tote openings. As much as I want to be convinced that there’s brilliance in these bags, as there was in the rest of the collection, they felt like the show’s weakest point by far. That’s ok, though, because some other, non-runway Celine bags will be along in a few months to distract us all. Take a look at the evidence below and let us know what you think.

[Photos via Style.com]

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  • Marina Harbor

    Great colors!, Strange bags! We have to be patience and wait for the non-runway bags, thats what Im really looking forward!

  • Dominic Leto

    There is certainly art in these pieces; they just aren’t functional for day-to-day life. And I thought Philo was designing for the “modern day woman.” I can’t see buyers picking much of this up –which is a shame because Céline’s accessories pay most of the house’s bills. There isn’t even a fragrance profit to fall back on. Editorials will scoop this up, sure, but this will be a true testament to its customer loyalty. I’m sure the unpictured new color palette for the Luggage, Trapeze, and Phantom will save the day, though.

  • http://www.decorgirl.net Lisa M Smith

    Not thinking these are going to hit the “it bag” status of past Celine bags.

  • Sandra

    I thought the straight jacket coat from fall was weird… I understand that certain pieces in every collection are more editorial less functional….but the bags here are just bad in every way.

  • Milla

    The first bag (black with fringe and a gold handle) seems to be inspired by Vikor and Rolf’s bombette bag!

  • Katja Golob

    I like Celine bags, but not this collection…

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    The only person who will carry this bag is Anna Dello Russo. Maybe Kris Jenner too (remember her Chanel Hoolahop bag?).

  • Mary

    I’m sure as soon as Phoebe gives one or two of these bags to Kim Kardashian everyone will want one eventhough they make no sense to anyone with a real day to day schedule.

  • ?? ?

    so ugly?~really? I can hardly imagine those beautiful and practical bags like trapeze&luggage tote belong to this brand. those fringe, even vanessa hudgens may reluctant to try them on…

  • throttle13

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  • Jimmy Chan

    For Celine’s Spring 2014 Handbags, it’s…well, it’s a little complicated.
    The message of the manner of dressing advocated through the collectionall at Celineukstore .co .uk

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