• TheBagHoarder

    Amen to that. Celine is the first brand which I bought multiple bags from because of all those reasons.

  • Courtney McAlexander

    Jumped on the luggage bandwagon in ’11 when the mini was still only $1750 (GASP!!!)…I have it in red and have babied yet ever since. Last time I checked the regular leather minis are now upwards of $3,000.00. It was the first truly high-end designer bag I ever purchased, and I don’t regret it. Would love to invest in a box one day.

  • Sandra

    I have not purchased a Celine bag at this point, I have considered it several times but in the last few years Givenchy has received my bag budget dollars. I may yet purchase a Celine….I quite like the Cabas Totes, even the Phantom version, although I am extremely hesitant to purchase anything with gussets.

  • Rashmi

    Hi Emily, do you know style name of the bag that the model in Reason No. 3 is carrying? (in the white shirt). That is such a cool bag!
    I just purchased my FIRST celine Shoulder luggage in black pebbled leather and I cannot wait to receive it next week! Too bad I didn’t buy years ago when it was cheaper :)

  • Rashmi

    I’m sorry I just realized it was Amanda who wrote this. Sorry Amanda :) btw, do you own any Celine? if so, which one?

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Amanda Mull

      No worries! The woman in #3 is carrying a Celine Classic Box Bag. The bag in the photo for reason #1 is actually mine! Or it was; I bought it about six months before I moved to NYC and sold it after I got here because I find that my lifestyle here requires a shoulder or crossbody strap and I wasn’t getting much use out of it! I’d like to add another to my collection in the future, though. I’d love a Classic Box.

  • elegant tomato

    Vintage Celine does have a canvas monogram.

  • Eva

    I just bought one this week!!! :))) Best weeknight ever!!! :)))

  • Maya

    Too many Céline killed the Céline! :)
    Givenchy is also my ruin :))

  • Judy

    The one and only reason that I won’t waste my time buying a Celine bag is because they have terrible customer service post-purchase. There are countless threads on how people have to jump through hoops just to get their defective bag fixed. SA’s with a “Well, you bought it.” no-help attitude. No thanks! I rather give money to companies that care about fixing defects in their products.

    • anouk

      Thanks a bunch for this heads up!!!! I’m a happy owner of a Phantom Luggage and with this comment, i must take care of it before i might encounter a disdainful SA!

  • ahhhsoneo

    as much as l love Celine, i feel like all your points could have been made about all the other brands at some point or another. Right now Celine is riding the wave and cashing in, but even money, soon enough we will all move on to something else.

  • lifeduringthecommercialbreak

    I agree with your post wholeheartedly. I’ve collected 4 over the past couple years, and love each and every one. (Nanos to Mini Luggage to Phantoms in different fur/leather finishes.) Do you think it’s too late to get on the Trapeze bandwagon? I never paid much attention to them…but have an opportunity to buy a gently used blue one from about a year ago, and saw it’s coming back in the same colorway for Spring 2014! Thoughts?

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    Bought one in 2011. Glad I sold it because it was pebbled leather and it gets nasty looking when it’s slouchy after sometime.

  • lesity

    I won’t buy it. It’s too big and too boring for party and too heavy for everyday use.

  • Ban

    i have a celine micro i love it its smaller than my other bags but still great and just ordered a trapeze i wanted the trapeze at first but was hesitant at first and finally decided to just order it…. so far couldnt be happier with my celine

  • Oli_Rudi

    dear purseblog – I would like your help! I am debating which Celine I should get : the luggage tote or the classic box? I am leaning towards the classic box… can you please help me in making a decision? I am going to the Celine store tomorrow! thank you all!

  • Samantha Sheneil High

    I need to know if this is a replica bag or not please help would love to find her

  • pampered87

    I was VERY disappointed with my customer service at the celine stores. I was buying a $3,300 bag and I was told the bag shipped and never got an email confirmation so I called the store and at first they had NO idea what order I was talking about. Then they never shipped the bag because they lost my order form which had a photo copy of my drivers license and credit card bc they don’t do the charge info over the phone. So then they found my order and overnighted it but it literally came in a box with just the bag in the dust cover – no bubbles or paper to keep it guarded from any risk of damage when being shipped. It was a big let down and I was beyond excited to get what was my first and only Celine and they could’ve cared less about getting a sale (not sure if they work on commission or not?). I usually don’t have bad customer service bc I’ve worked in retail so I know to not be rude to the SA but this is the most expensive handbag I’ve ever bought and they kind of took the wind out of my sail.

  • Vicu

    If you are looking for a Celine Trapeze


  • Svetka Koz

    I love my Trapeze, but I do not think I will get any other. Not a fan of luggage, and box is too expensive (for that money I almost can get Chanel, why would I get Celine then?).
    So these point do not convince me at all.

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