Victoria Beckham leaves Neiman Marcus after stopping in Dallas on her whirlwind promotional tour

It must be particularly gratifying when the multi-thousand dollar bag on your arm bears your own name. Here’s Victoria Beckham, or as I like to call her (without her knowledge or consent), Vicky B., ducking out of a promotional pit stop at the Neiman Marcus flagship in Dallas, TX. That ginormous salmon pink bag she’s showcasing runway model-style on her way to the waiting chauffeured limo? That, my friends, is the Victoria Beckham Suede Shopping Tote.

Victoria was in Dallas pimping her latest line, and in my head, the crowd consisted of the entire cast of “Big Rich Texas”, and assorted Spice Girls fans. Have you seen that show? It’s awful. And not sublimely awful, in a “Real Housewives” or a “Spice World” kind of way; just regular awful. Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, however, is quite nice, and it gets the coveted PurseBlog stamp of approval, regardless of whatever positive or negative feelings her tour audiences may have. (Though I encourage Texans of the non-”Big”-and-”Rich” variety to weigh in nonetheless – you’re surely a lot more chic than your reality TV counterparts!)

You can shop Victoria’s line via Net-a-Porter.

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  • bir

    Texas is probably one of the most stylish and well educated group of consumers. tacky stereotypes created by mass media do not define a group that welcomes V.B. and her ultra clean and fine lined tasteful fashion line. thinking that Texas is like that show, is like believing that all of California dresses and lives in Kardashian type clothes and houses. or that all New Yorkers have orange hair like Donald Trump. Now the essentials,the salmon bag on her was amazing as is her projection of style and general esthetic. the one thing she can work on a bit more would be expressions and opinions that would humanize the entire image of the brand. especially since she is the designer model star and beacon of the brand.

  • anouk

    the one thing i adore on Victoria these days is her 60′s style ponytail! i’m so diggin’ it!!!!

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