Victoria Beckham carries one of her own handbags for shopping in NYC (5)
  • bananadelrey

    Did she buy anything at J.Crew???

  • harri008

    Hey Emily, J.Crew is expensive to us broke college students! haha

    • JJp

      College students get 15% off there purchase if they show there student ID.

      • Amanda Mull

        True fact, I still have my college ID in my wallet for this purpose over five years after graduation. (No expiration date on it, either – thanks, UGA!)

      • JJp

        Same here, I uasually only purchase in store so I can utilize the student discount. It’s also stackable with most promotions.

  • Sheila (Maddy Loves)

    Does anyone know where the dress she’s wearing came from? I LOVE it!

    • Ja

      It looks like it’s from her own collection.

  • Kavita Moza

    This is very nice and decent purse

  • shueaddict

    great shoes as well … what are they?

    • Amanda Mull

      Based on the toe, I believe they’re Giuseppe Zanotti.

      • shueaddict

        thx – will look for them.
        She’s a trendsetter whth shoes as well, I wonder if she’d start designing her own shoes as well.

  • tess

    It looks like a Coach bag at 10 times the cost. :)


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