Sharon’s bag collection is pretty extensive, but let’s start with the Hermes Birkins. That seems like as good a place to start as any, right? She has two black versions of the bag – here’s the one with Palladium hardware.

The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne (6)
  • Harry

    That little mini x-body in Liz/Ostritch is The Row! As for all the Alligator I’m guessing older VBH on the burgundy?!

  • lilay

    erghhh. can we have kate upton next!?!?

    • Amanda Mull

      We have to wait for Kate to expand her bag collection a bit more before that can happen – it’d only be about five pictures long!

  • CM

    Love it all!! I agree I desperately want that mini cross body Chanel.

    @lilay Kate Upton?! LOL why?

  • melvel

    Please feature Jennifer Garner, i love her bags!

    • Amanda Mull

      She’s one for the list for sure! (I keep a literal list on a Post-It stuck to my computer.)

    • Lilly

      Really? She always looks so unkempt, except for the red carpet.

  • Lilly

    She loves to shop that woman, I recall from her MTV show, she and Kelly hid their purchases from Ozzy, and they shopped a lot.

    The only bags I love are #’s 11 and 12, the rest are meh. I like bags that are unusually shaped and those two look so luxurious.

  • Lilly

    I would love to see the bags of Solange Knowles, or her shoes. She’s so unique.

    • Amanda Mull

      I would love to do something on her! Unfortunately most of the photos our photo agency has of her are either from concerts or red carpets, so not that many bags.

  • Amanda

    So much Chanel! Can you blame her? The one with purple hardware is pretty awesome.

  • londonhermit

    Great job Amanda I love the many bag of posts.

  • Evelyne

    I’d love if you did a feature on Alex Curran Gerrard! If nothing else, you should browse her collection in your free time. It’s quite incredible!

    • nappy

      but she had been found wearing “questionable” Celine bags…

  • Jenifer Morrison

    Brilliant comment about the canvas tote-Truely enjoyed seeing all of the photos of her with her bags:-) Thanks!!!!

  • Angela

    Love the crocodile bag. Who’s the designer ?

  • Gemma

    Coleen rooney please

  • AMDG

    Keep up all the hard work on ‘the many bags of..’! Its the post I hang out for every week. Its more fun when the outfits are eye candy too though.

  • Gingir

    In this photo, she is Kelly totally!! Great Birkin colleciton, am green with envy.

  • Maya

    The skull bag IS indeed a McQueen, a large De Manta tote, I have seen this one around :)

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