Rosie’s second most common choice is Anything Burberry, like this bright orange Burberry Tassel Bowler from Fall 2011. Shop Burberry via Net-a-Porter.

  • laura

    I love every single bag, especially her Burberrys. Burberry has a very special place in my heart as my very first designer purchase was a Burberry bag and scarf. This is my dream collection and I agree with you -her face and perfect body is so distracting that you almost don’t see the handbags

  • Ashleyg

    love ALL her bags but the Chanel’s! But why does her hair have to be so freaking perfect as well?!

  • JazzCap

    You have great taste, Amanda. Beautiful bags but her best arm candy by far is her boyfriend, Jason Statham. ;)

  • Steph

    Love her bags. Love Jason more ;)

  • vivienne

    i like the color ,the celine is awesome

  • Baltimore Bag Lady

    Sorry, beautiful bags, but am I supposed to know who Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is??

  • Mehrten Sustituido

    I guess blue is her fav color, just i guess, cause she customized the LV with blue and if i were to have a birkin i’d buy my fav color which is red. just a guess hehe :)))

  • kth

    please please do a many bags of the Kardashians article! Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, any! I know they have amazingg taste in bags and would love for you to do an article on their bags

    please and thank youu


  • MariaHelene

    Love her armcandy-man, and the Celine Nano..! But she is so thin! Makes me wanna take her home and feed her (and her boyfriend :D)

  • Ivy

    How is it fair that she looks so amazing in every photo, she is absolutely unfairly stunning, and she has Jason Statham and an amazing bag collection. Jealous. . .who me! Yes

  • Donna Washington

    This girl has great taste. Yes show it off. Style is to be shown if you have it.

  • Donna Washington

    Again she has done it correct.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    These are sharp handbags!

  • Marlie

    Jason is old and ugly, why do you guys find him so amazing ? Did i miss something :P ?

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