We’ll start with Lucy Hale, who seems to be the breakout star of the series. Often, she accessorizes in a way that’s exactly the same as non-famous girls her age – with a Cambridge Satchel Company Fluoro Satchel and a Marc by Marc Jacobs Dreamy Logo Neoprene Laptop Case. Grab the bag for $155 or the laptop case for $68, both via ShopBop.

The Many Bags of Pretty Little Liars (7)
  • Abbi

    I swear the new ‘it’ bag seems to be travelling to dolce & gabbana

  • Denise

    I know this is about bags but I can not ignore that beautiful dress (tunic?) Shay Mitchell is wearing on picture 10. Anyone know where I can find it?

    • eli

      I noticed that too! But then I also noticed her body and thought maybe it only goes for the skinny ones :(

  • Aizha

    Miss Dolce looks way better and functional that Miss Cisilly

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