The Many Bags of Nicole Richie

Few people have handbag collections as extensive and covetable as Nicole Richie‘s. We’re all well aware of her undying love for Balenciaga, but she mixes in everything from Chanel, to Hermes, to Chloe between her much-loved Bal bags. On top of that, the purse options from her House of Harlow 1960 line aren’t bad at all. Nicole has her handbag game on lock from multiple angles.

What I love most about Nicole’s style, though, is that you can find pictures of her wearing most of these bags (especially the Balenciagas) multiple times over multiple years. Just because something isn’t “in season” anymore doesn’t mean she drops it, and going back to your favorites no matter what is always the sign of a celeb who loves handbags as much as we do. Below, check out Nicole’s enormous, covetable handbag collection.

When speaking of Nicole Richie’s handbag favorites, it’s only right to start with Balenciaga. She’s been amassing an incredible collection of the bags since the mid-2000s, and among her stash are some of the most sought-after colors in Balenciaga history. I know a lot of people who would pay well over retail to have this Balenciaga Turquoise Work Bag from 2005 in their closets. Grab a red version for $1,695 via Neiman Marcus.

This rare Balenciaga Apple Green City Bag is another of Nicole’s mid-2000s Balenciaga treasures. Pick up a yellow version for $1,545 via Neiman Marcus.

And the hits just keep coming. This time, it’s a Balenciaga City Bag in magenta. (Yup, that’s Mischa Barton. This pic just screams mid-2000s.) You can have a pink City of your own for $1,545 at Neiman Marcus.

Seriously, Nicole’s Balenciaga collection may be the best of any celebrity. Check out this great Balenciaga City Bag in red. Neiman Marcus has an almost-red version for $1,545.

Nicole doesn’t just stick to the bigger bags when it comes to brights, though – she also has a small yellow Balenciaga First Bag. You can get the look with the similarly sized Balenciaga Town Bag in yellow for $1,445 via Neiman Marcus.

Fret not, Nicole’s yellow First won’t get lonely – it has this Balenciaga First Bag in cornflower blue to keep it company. The blue version of the similar Town will set you back $1,445 via Neiman Marcus.

Back in the day, there were rumors around the PurseForum that Nicole’s Balenciaga First Bag in white was fake – I can’t tell from this picture, but if it is, I’m sure she didn’t realize it a the time. Pick up a white Balenciaga clutch for $675 via Neiman Marcus.

Of all the Balenciaga color options, white or ivory seem to be Nicole’s favorites. She also has a pale Balenciaga City Bag (which can be yours for $1,545 via Neiman Marcus)…

…and a white Balenciaga Weekender Bag. How does she keep them all looking clean? We can’t find a white Weekender, but you can pick up a big white Velo bag for $1,545 via Barneys.

There’s only one other Balenciaga finish in which Nicole has bought two bags: Damask Stripe. Here she is with a 2005 Balenciaga Damask Stripe City.

And here’s Nicole and her Balenciaga Damask Stripe Courier, which I would steal off her in a second, if given the opportunity.

And now, let’s cover the neutral Balenciagas. First, this awesome Balenciaga City Bag in burgundy. Grab your own burgundy City $1,545 via Neiman Marcus.

Nicole tends to stick to leather, but she does have a tan suede Balenciaga City Bag in her arsenal. Pick up a City in tan leather at Neiman Marcus for $1,545.

Balenciaga makes the best shades of olive, demonstrated here by yet another of Nicole’s Balenciaga City Bags. Shop Balenciaga via Neiman Marcus.

Perhaps Nicole’s favorite Balenciaga of all, though, is her basic black Balenciaga City Bag. She’s been carrying this bag regularly since before I graduated college. Pick one up with rose gold hardware for $1,895 via Neiman Marcus.

Now that we’ve waded through well over a dozen different Balenciaga bags, let’s turn our attention to something else that’s been a constant in Nicole’s life, both now and years ago: the Chloe Silverado. Here’s Nicole carrying a whiskey brown version way back when. Shop Chloe via Net-a-Porter.

Years later (and much more recently), Richie pulled out this pretty bronze python version of the Chloe Silverado, long after its It Bag status had waned. That’s the nice thing about Nic’s bag choices – she carries what she loves, even if it’s not the latest and greatest. Shop Chloe via Net-a-Porter.

To round out the Chloe bags, here’s Nicole heading into a court date (remember when she was a wild child?) with a demure black Chloe Heloise Tote.

Under it all, Richie’s style is heavily influenced by Californian bohemia. How else to explain her enduring affection for the Simone Camille Carry All Bag? Pick up your own for $2,307 via Luisa Via Roma.

On the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, Nicole has been carrying this black Hermes Birkin for years, with no signs of slowing down. And why would she?

Nicole also has a handbag line of her own, as part of her successful House of Harlow 1960 line. She carries those bags frequently, especially the clutches. My favorite of the bunch is this House of Harlow 1960 Rey Velvet Pouch. Get your own for $158 via Nordstrom.

This boho House of Harlow 1960 Hayden Fringe Clutch fits Nicole’s style to a T. Shop House of Harlow 1960 via Nordstrom.

As does this House of Harlow 1960 Riley Oversized Clutch, come to think of it. Pick up the blue version on sale for $195 at the Trend Boutique.

HOH doesn’t just make clutches, though; sometimes Nicole uses her House of Harlow 1960 Dakota Bag as a travel option. Shop House of Harlow 1960 via Nordstrom.

Nicole has had a way with It Bags since the beginning, so naturally she owns a bicolor Celine Luggage Tote

Nic also got on the Givenchy Antigona bandwagon before most other famous folks. Get an Antigona of your very own for $2,405 via Bergdorf Goodman.

In fact, Nicole’s been a Givenchy fan for a long time – check out her Givenchy Nightingale. Pick up the tan version for $2,020 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Way back when, Richie was also a Fendi Spy Bag owner. Shop Fendi via Neiman Marcus.

Occasionally, Nicole likes to stray from the big names and dabble in up-and-coming designers, like with this Edie Parker Lara Clutch. Pick up one for $895 at Stanley Korshak.

Long, roomy shoulder bags are one of Nicole’s signatures. This red Delvaux 24 Heures Bag is my personal favorite. Shop Delvaux via Barneys.

Nicole’s love for white bags isn’t limited to Balenciaga – this white-on-white Goyard St. Louis Tote is a stunner.

Finally, we have to talk about Nicole’s Chanel collection. It’s not quite as vast or comprehensive as her hoard of Balenciagas, but the brand is a solid number two in her handbag-loving heart. Naturally, we have to start with a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, this one in bright red.

Nicole also really loves vintage Chanel, like this little Chanel Vintage Pouch Bag. Shop vintage Chanel via ShopBop.

Sometimes she goes vintage AND red, like with this Chanel Vintage Envelope Shoulder Bag. Shop vintage Chanel via ShopBop.

During her wild days, Nicole even wore Chanel, like this Chanel Oversized Quilted Tote to her court-mandated driving school.

Back when Nicole and Paris Hilton were inseparable, Nicole was also really enamored of her Chanel Quilted Logo Tote.

I save this Chanel Quilted Box Shoulder Bag for less because I think this photo encapsulates Nicole’s style so well – big sunglasses (also Chanel, in this case), an easy, boho dress and a designer bag on top. Perfect.

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