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  • Amanda

    Her Bal collection is unreal!

  • Her bag collection is insane!! I <3 those Balenciagas!!

  • AshleyG

    *jaw drop* best collection yet…

  • kemilia

    Her Bal collection is unreal, and all the others too–how does she decide what to carry when she goes out? (what fun!)

  • Sebastien

    I would love to spend a day playing in her closet.

  • chelsea

    ugh absolutely amazing. BEST collection. Inspired to go buy another Bal :)

  • Steph

    omg about time!!!!!!

  • pixiegirlie

    I love Nicoles handbag collection and her style, she got me into Bal. However I think the tan suede city might be a ponyhair.

  • Niel

    The Damasks are to DIE FOR!!!!

  • Jenny

    Thank you for this one!! I love Nicole and her amazing handbags!

  • nappy

    whew! i had a Balgasm after that!! i LOVE (and own most except a silverado which i dont understand.. and an Antigona {soon hopefully!}) all her bag choices and i am still hunting that Celine bi-color luggage mini (in that wonderful combo of black bag white handle) up to now to no avail..

  • Katrina

    amazing. you forgot her HUMUNGOUS chanel jumbo classic. thats an easy favorite.

  • Victória

    Wooow, she has an huge collection of balenciaga’s bags! Love this last Chanel, so adorable!

  • anouk

    i bought a Balenciaga because of Nicole!!!!

  • eli

    That last Chanel box bag is TDF. I would steal that in a heartbeat.

  • Margo

    This post has me salivating! I would love a Bal bag, but can’t decide if I should go neutral or choose one of their gorgeous colors! I don’t do well when faced with so many options! Wish I had Nicole’s collection in my closet. *swoon*

  • Nicole is a style icon! Adore!

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