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  • shueaddict

    hmm … her tatse is handbags is only minimally better than her taste in men.
    Nevertheless I love her for having such fun with crazy fashion… and for impersonating Daria … blast from the past!!!

  • Lilly

    She’s too costumie/cartoonish for me. The only bags I covet are #’s 4 and 20, everything else is meh. I would love to see a celeb. who carries other high end lines that are not Chanel, Prada, etc.

  • Rosey

    Really interesting collection the Daria costume bag and all takes the cake. Love all her pink bags.

  • Andy

    Anyone recognize the coat she’s wearing in the Louboutin pill clutch pic? It’s gorgeous.

    • She was attending the Viktor & Rolf show in Paris in that photo, so my money’s on the coat being from them. It’s incredible.

      • Yoshi

        It is a Viktor & Rolf coat. I think Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear. Jennifer Lawrence was seen wearing a dress with the same design too. Both are beautiful!

  • pixiegirlie

    As much as I love Katy, I am not a fan of her clothes or bags.

  • kelly ?

    i actually like her best in the conservative style, with the chloe and celine trio…she looks great when she tones it down a bit.

  • sardoodledom

    The cartoonish bag she has in the last pic is from Jump From Paper.

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