Jennifer Lopez has transformed her look quite a bit over her career, starting with her introduction to international fame in Selena to her high-profile relationships with P. Diddy and Ben Affleck to the proud mama and American Idol host that she is today. With all of her life changes came many style changes, but overall it has been for the better. Jennifer loves designer wares and is constantly upping her wardrobe game with very covetable items. Though it can be argued that her shoe collection is far better than her bag collection, I still wanted to hone in on her bags and cover her in our The Many Bags of… feature.

I was a tad surprised that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t hoard more designer bags, namely Hermes Birkins. (She seems like she’d be a Birkin girl, doesn’t she?) However, the star still loves her accessories and is always carrying something new. Her clutch collection is insanely large and many are from small designers that most people haven’t heard of, while her everyday bags are typically well-known. From her early days until current day, Jennifer Lopez is keeping it real. Check out her accessories collection after the jump.

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  • Laurakasbaum

    When are you and Amanda going to do more Purseonals posts?

    • Amanda Mull

      She’s been promising that she’s got one in the works for ages! Maybe I’ll do one on my PS1 sometime.

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        That would be exciting! :)

      • Rashida

         We really want more of them… PLEASE????

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

       YES!!! You will have one from me on Monday- PROMISE!!!!!!

      • Alexandra Davidoff


      • Laurakasbaum

        YAY! Those and the WIHB posts are my absolute FAVORITE posts!

  • MutexMe

    JLo is really one of the classiest people in the world.

  • Mary s

    It’s crazy how much you can jazz up a Fly Girl. Just wow.

  • Huang Shijie

    I like this post! These bags are so good.

  • Marie Martell
  • Happy_kid00

    Could you please do one for Kimora? Or Victoria Beckham? Somebody who has a lot of Hermes, that actually look different…unlike the Olsen’s. :D

  • Amanda

    She always look so put together and classy. I love her!

  • jkc

    So right about the stellar shoe collection  : ))

  • Yerani

    I think this is one of your best, not only are her purses different and unique, but the costume changes are also very differing. I really had to take a few minutes to really take in the entire outfit head to toe on each page. She has a great team putting her together. Thanks, always a fun escape to look at your posts.

  • Tefi Mendoza

    One of them is a bag! 

    I wonder how she get it!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I really like that Jennifer Lopez ‘gets’ how wonderful clutches are ! She is bold and different in her choices. Good for her !

  • Lisa Best

    I love how Jennifer Lopez is always glamorous and at the same time, just real.  Look at these photos, she never gives that stupid Hollywood fake smile, she is just kind and chill.  Love her clutches too!

  • Passion4LV

    JLo is a fashion statement.

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Nice clutch bags!

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