Considering Emma’s forthcoming film, it’s no surprise that she’s been spotted carrying the Louis Vuitton SC Bag, designed by Bling Ring director Sofia Coppola. $4,850 via Louis Vuitton.

The Many Bags of Emma Watson-12
  • Keiah

    Love her clutches but I hope she gets more bags!

  • Georgie

    The striped Prada is my favourite! I’ve never seen it before – how old is it?

    • shueaddict

      mine too … would be a great summer bag … would also help with winter blues.

  • AshleyG

    I want her studded Burberry- love that bag!

  • Melissa Perez-Halley

    It’s Tila March! Can’t remember the model name.

  • Arwen

    It’s the Tila March Gena Shoulder Bag!

  • thescm

    Great bags! I really like her style and she’s a down to earth person. The Bling Ring wouldn’t normally be my type of movie but I might see it just because of Emma.

  • disisyna

    I love how Emma’s fresh-faced style lets her rock every kind of bag from the fun Prada tote to the classy Louis Vuitton bag. Also her Burberry bag is to die for <3

  • Marlie

    Very boring style

  • Kim

    I’ve been revisiting the idea of a Muse II seriously these days… Could hers be a medium or large?

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