The Many Bags of Emma Watson

I have an Emma Watson close-encounter story, and although it’s not a very good one, I’m going to take this opportunity to tell it anyway. Over the winter, on a very snowy day, a friend and I decided to trek to Barneys to shop for some shoes and stave off cabin fever in the bad weather. The place wasn’t nearly as packed as it normally would be on a Saturday, and we took advantage of the opportunity to try on a bunch of ridiculous shoes and amuse ourselves. Amidst the footwear fervor, I looked up to realize that I was standing next to Emma, both of us eyeing adjacent pairs of Manolos.

Watson was dressing casually, in jeans and a sweater, and I did my best impression of an unimpressed New Yorker and didn’t say anything to her. She was quiet, by herself and utterly polite to store staff while she was still within earshot. See? Told you it wasn’t a very good story, but still, it gave me the impression that Emma’s a quite normal girl, which is always a nice thing to find out about a famous person. Now that she’s getting ready to star in the much-hyped flick The Bling Ring, it seemed only right that Emma get her own thorough examination of her bag collection. We only wish that our photo agency tailed Emma more regularly so that we could show you more.

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  • Keiah

    Love her clutches but I hope she gets more bags!

  • Georgie

    The striped Prada is my favourite! I’ve never seen it before – how old is it?

    • shueaddict

      mine too … would be a great summer bag … would also help with winter blues.

  • AshleyG

    I want her studded Burberry- love that bag!

  • Melissa Perez-Halley

    It’s Tila March! Can’t remember the model name.

  • Arwen

    It’s the Tila March Gena Shoulder Bag!

  • thescm

    Great bags! I really like her style and she’s a down to earth person. The Bling Ring wouldn’t normally be my type of movie but I might see it just because of Emma.

  • disisyna

    I love how Emma’s fresh-faced style lets her rock every kind of bag from the fun Prada tote to the classy Louis Vuitton bag. Also her Burberry bag is to die for <3

  • Marlie

    Very boring style

  • Kim

    I’ve been revisiting the idea of a Muse II seriously these days… Could hers be a medium or large?

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