The Many Bags of Dakota Fanning

Let’s cut right to the chase: While Megs and I are out running around Lincoln Center and Milk Studios at New York Fashion Week, we wanted to give you guys a look inside the handbag collection of a celebrity who makes accessories choices with which we closely identify. Someone whose taste we love so much that we can let her metaphorically watch over the site in our absence. (And hey, if she wanted to literally take the reins for a day, we probably wouldn’t argue with that either.) We’re talking about none other than Dakota Fanning, of course.

Ms. Fanning is just barely 18 years old, and when you look at the kind of taste she’s already developed in bags, she’s clearly an over-achiever. Dakota carries big-name bags, but her personal style is very well-defined; she likes neutrals with nonexistent logos, almost exclusively. She also never carries brown bags, which is a quirk I share and which puts her collection near and dear to my heart. So far, Dakota’s is the only collection we’ve examined so far where I’d gladly buy each and every bag that she carries. (And I own or have owned three of them.) Without further ado, The Many Bags of Dakota Fanning.

We’ll start our look at Dakota’s bags with every current starlet’s favorite: the Celine Luggage Tote in pale, powdery white.

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  • steph


  • Blackbeltshopper

    I love this bag… understatedly elegant… no screaming logos


    Large Sunday.

  • Tiffany H

    I cringed when I saw the Chanel bag caught in the rain! I love her taste in bags.

  • Thaís M.

    I guess it’s the Weekender!

  • denton

    “no young lover of black leather”

    That just didn’t sound right. lol

  • pixiegirlie

    The Bal style is called sunday, it’s not a popular style(ie: common like the city, pt, or work) I’m not even sure if they still make it. I’ve been watching her bag style for a few years ever since I saw her carrying Bal, I’m always very impressed with her bag style. She tends to wear a variety of brands and styles but none of them are flashy they are all sort of incognito if you don’t follow the brands you’d never guess that they are high end bags. I also like her style in general, I consider her a style icon for teens and young adults it goes to show you that you can cover up and be stylish.

  • Carmen

    LOL, did you purposefully choose bad pictures of Dakota?

  • Karla Caceres

    Love all her bags! I i am not a fan of all over logo bags or canvas bags.

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