We just can’t get rid of the Kardashians, can we? The family just signed a three year extension to continue filming their widely loved (and perhaps just as widely hated) reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I have problems with much of what the family does, but at the same time, I know that I don’t know the full story, not to mention that I’m more than a little envious of their bag kollection (yes, I plan to randomly replace the letter “c” with “k” in this post).

Kim disappeared from the limelight for a hot minute after her marriage fell apart, and now she’s back full force being seen everywhere with new beau Kanye West. Who knows about their relationship, what I have paid attention to is the bags the family has been karrying while they’ve been visiting New York recently.

More than anything, though, I wonder how the classic and timeless brand Bottega Veneta feels about the Kardashians being seen with their Knot Clutch non-stop this past week.

Both Kim and Kourtney karried black Bottega Veneta Knot Clutches to an event for E! this past week in NYC. The sisters showed up together with different looks but identical clutches. I am a major fan of the Knot Klutch and I think it finishes off an evening look ideally. It seems the Kardashians agree, as I have seen Kris karrying it this past week as well. This family plays together and makes money together, so why not share klutches. Buy a Satin Knot Clutch via Net-A-Porter for $1,380.

  • Rashida

    They have a lot of haters… But that is to be expected. I think they have nice handbag style…

    • Earmuffs

      They always wear trending handbags; nothing special about their tastes. So they can afford it and show off to the whole world how much money they have, but if majority of the women who are on this forum have that kind of money, we would make Kim having an Hermes seem like nothing, ’cause everyone has one. 

      I personally do not like them because when they try to open up their handbag line, so many of them were knockoffs of other designers. That tells me they have absolutely no creativity. There’s a difference in knowing how to buy fashion and knowing what is fashion. The Kardashians know how to buy it. 

  • Ale Semenov

    I can’t avoid looking at the pink scarpins and the yellow necklace… where are the clutches?

  • None

    Oh, no. Please, no.

    They’ve already ruined Hermes for me. Please don’t ruin Bottega, too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000216535023 Marcela Marques

      by far the best comment!!!

    • Dfa

      How sad for you that some people you dont even know could have such an affect on your life.

  • Chessmont

    4th paragraph you forgot to change ‘classic’ to klassic ;o)

    • wakh

      oops 3rd paragraph, yes I am being picky lol

  • Bianca

    You cannot buy style…..you have it or you don’t. They don’t!!!!

  • http://www.herfashionboutique.com/ Jenna

    This clutch is the ultimate of clutches! Its black knot style goes with almost everything, as you can see in the photos. If Kim and Kourtney love this clutch with all their fashion needs, I’m sure many of  us will as well. Its a great accessory!

  • Dfa

    “More than anything, though, I wonder how the classic and timeless brand Bottega Veneta feels about the Kardashians being seen with their Knot Clutch non-stop this past week.”

    umm probably pretty fucking good.

  • Lindasmith1215


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