Celebrity Handbag Moments Summer 2013

Summer is coming to a close, which is terrible for a number of reasons – first and foremost because I only just found a swimsuit I actually like a mere two weeks ago. But also, your opportunities for music festival hooliganism, beach frolicking, and Hamptons weekend getaways are all about to vanish, like so many autumn leaves. Fall has its own charms, of course, but before we break out the light sweaters, it’s important that we pay proper homage to the best and the brightest celebrity handbag moments of Summer 2013.

Summer is always a great time for shameless handbag exhibitionism, in part because we’re all wearing so little else that’s worth mentioning. (Sorry, bra tops and Daisy Dukes.) That doesn’t mean we’re lacking in ways to accessorize – a perfect tan really does make a neon handbag pop, and a hefty suede bag really balances out a barely-there pair of denim shorts. Let’s see how the celebs did it in 2013…

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  • AshleyG

    That pic of Alessandra is everything. I think I will wear something similar for Labor Day weekend- go out with a bang :-)

  • Or

    Rihanna should be with a red Celine rolled trio – so much more memorable imo

    • http://www.purseblog.com/ Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Yes! We can add her – you’re right!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    It is interesting to see women with small children carrying mini bags. Is there a nanny in the background carrying a satchel with all the stuff you need to lug around when you have a child?

  • Icedcaramellatte

    Ooh he really looks like Orlando Bloom!

  • Karen Hearne Underwood

    Did anyone else notice that Alessandra’s little girl only has one sandal missing?? lol

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