Taylor Swift Dolce and Gabbana Sara Bag

Here’s Taylor Swift, leaving the gym in NYC in the cutest post-gym outfit ever, carrying what is undoubtedly her favorite bag of the year: the Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag. You can find a slightly more formal, brocade version of the Sara on sale for $1,274 (down from $1,820) at MATCHESFASHION.COM. It’s worth noting that this site is now offering free shipping and free returns (with full refunds on duties for returns) for US customers with the coupon code USAFREE.

Taylor loves this bag so much, we penned an extensive post about her love affair with the D&G Sara all the way back in April. In other news, is anyone else alarmed by the number of full grown, (presumably non-paparazzi) men that are standing around taking smartphone photos of Taylor? How about the guy who is obviously waiting to filch whatever she threw in the trash and list it on eBay?

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  • Marnie

    She’s what I like to call the poor man’s version of Dita Von Teese, without the kick butt style. Really hate the way she carries that back, but the outfit is cute.

  • http://www.thegracefulshopper.com/ Graceful Shopper

    Gosh I love that bag. I think you need height to carry it that way though. I wish the strap were shorter so it looked good on my arm and 5’4″ frame. On the men I’m assuming the older gentleman is taking a pic for his daughter. Agreed though that it’s weird being a celebrity!

  • JaneH

    The length of the strap is ever so awkward (for me anyway). It’s neither here nor there in my opinion.

    • marytrasnick

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  • sandy

    oh man i would never stand there and take a pic of a celebrity like that. she’s not a zoo animal lol

  • http://celinebuyjp.com Celine Buyjp

    OMG!I love the outfit! So cute….)

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