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  • Marnie

    She’s what I like to call the poor man’s version of Dita Von Teese, without the kick butt style. Really hate the way she carries that back, but the outfit is cute.

  • Gosh I love that bag. I think you need height to carry it that way though. I wish the strap were shorter so it looked good on my arm and 5’4″ frame. On the men I’m assuming the older gentleman is taking a pic for his daughter. Agreed though that it’s weird being a celebrity!

  • JaneH

    The length of the strap is ever so awkward (for me anyway). It’s neither here nor there in my opinion.

    • marytrasnick

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  • sandy

    oh man i would never stand there and take a pic of a celebrity like that. she’s not a zoo animal lol

  • OMG!I love the outfit! So cute….)

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