The Many Bags of Tamara and Petra Ecclestone (1)

If you’re a regular BagThatStyle reader (or a Brit), you’re probably long familiar with these two ladies, but if you’ll allow us to indulge ourselves a bit, I’d appreciate it. I’ve become slightly fascinated with Petra Ecclestone Stunt, the 23-year-old handbag designer (really, she is) and new owner of the famous Spelling Mansion, and her 27-year-old sister Tamara Ecclestone, whose resumé seems to include going on lots of fabulous vacations with her boyfriend and wearing every dress Herve Leger has every made. The most important thing that you need to know about these two women, though, is that their handbag collections are absolutely sick.

The Ecclestones are relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, but these heiresses have quite the pedigree, not to mention the bank accounts to back it up in a way that Paris Hilton never could. Their father, Bernie Ecclestone, is CEO of Formula One racing and has a net worth estimated at $4.2 billion. Their mother, Bernie’s ex-wife Slavica, is a former model known mostly for her work with Armani (and for being a full foot taller than Bernie) and whose 2009 divorce settlement reportedly made her a billionaire as well. These girls have money to burn, and it looks like they’ve chosen to burn a significant amount of it on handbags, particularly those from Hermes. Petra even loves bags so much that she’s designing her own line of ulta-luxe clutches, which you can check out, along with some of the most lust-worthy bags in both their closets, after the jump.

In general, Petra likes to keep her Hermes bags neutral…

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  • Suz

     Call we crazy, but I seem to be finding Birkins a little bit tired and sad looking…sort of an unimaginative status symbol….especially when there are so many really beautiful (and expensive) bags out there to choose from

    • Fiona-Brasil


    • None


    • HC

      Kind of over it. 

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      +4. But I’ve been saying a similar thing for years now….

      • Ak Sunbeams

        + 5

    • Pari


  • Rashida

    I am not a fan of their clutches, but I love their bag collection!

  • Or

    Terrible clutches. Just b/c they have their father’s cash to burn and can afford oor of H doesnt mean they have any designer talent. Its just they’ve got nothing to do and deided to play a designer.

  • Sarah Moe

    Stark? They don’t look influenced by Iron Man . . .

    • Abbi

      This comment has made my week!

  • gdaddo

    What horrible looking women. I’d rather be beautiful than rich, and I’d rather have taste than money.

    • Peha

      Horrible looking??? Look in your mirror and see the reflection! You obviously have no class and taste!

  • Auti-mom

    Love a good purse and have been known to splurge on a couple myself but can’t help wondering what good could have been done with all that money if either one of the girls had decided to just buy one or two Birkins…

  • Silversun

    I actually quite like the Stark clutches. I like big cats and I like exotic textures. Sold! :D

    Their bag collections are gorgeous. But I hope they are at least sharing instead of having a SO Black croc Birkin each… my heart can’t take it!

    • Corina

      I don’t think they are sharing much, as Petra lives in L.A and Tamara in London.

  • Pandako

    Boring….(with BBC Sherlock’s style)

  • feng song

    Scenery, and the bag is also good

  • Nikoline Sofie

    Everything about is to much. To much make up, to much money and to much silicone. There is nothing about them that screams class or style. Just to much of daddy’s money on their hands. 

    • Peha

      Jealous much? Don’t be! Classy people don’t ostracize others for their looks and styles. They appreciate creativeness of many for their effort to look good. 

  • Peha

    Both sisters IMO , are picture perfect with modern classic style, that is afforded to very well-endowed persons. Hermes Birkins and Kellys will forever be stylish!

    • Averil_tiong

      You are a complete suck up, but you’re entitled to your opinion. So are others, so quit insulting people whenever their opinion doesn’t match yours, it just serves to make you sound immature and narrow-minded.

      • peha

        I’m not insulting people nor am I a suck up. Perhaps you are or those people who insult these rich women just because they are wealthy enough to afford themselves luxuries! so, chill up!

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  • neuh2

    it’s like they don’t really have taste when it comes to bags and they buy the most expensive bags they could find in many a gashly colour (sorry) there’s something so trashy about them….

  • TrainerBra

    Tamara has a shit-ton of money, but she STILL couldn’t find a good enough plastic surgeon to make her nose and boobs look anywhere near natural!

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