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  • Joanna

    She looks stunning!

  • AshleyG

    I find myself seriously wanting that bag…and those slippers!

  • PhotoGirl

    It’s “oy vey” and “loath.”

    When you are older, you will perhaps: (a) be a better speller and (b) realize that one can wear anything at any age if one so desires.

    • Snow

      I agree, anyone else thinking this writer seriously needs an intervention? Seems there is always something negative to find in every celebrity she features. Why so? :(

  • ingrid

    maybe they were her pajamas? i’d probably be wearing super comfy clothes between film shoots and hair, makeup and wardrobe too. can you please brighten up a bit? maybe post about someone you really like and try to keep positive, you’re bringing down the vibe of the whole website!

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