Sharon Stone on set of Fading Gigolo in NYC

Today we have the nearly ageless Sharon Stone holding her Alexander Wang Rocco Duffel close as her handlers ferry her back to the set of her latest film, Fading Gigolo. I’m not even joking, that’s the name of the movie. (Even weirder, Woody Allen has a major role in this film, even though he is neither the screenwriter nor the director. Fortunately for all, he does not play the gigolo.) The textured black leather Rocco looks especially ferocious when paired with Sharon’s crazy black jungle fur-collared jacket.

Sharon’s looking pretty good these days – so good in fact, I managed to wait until now to discuss this whole really unfortunate satin jumpsuit situation happening below the waist. Oy vey. I am loath to throw out hard-and-fast fashion rules on the fly, but satin jumpsuits – maybe not something you should do over 50? They don’t feel like an especially youthful trend either, making me think that the satin jumpsuit (currently available from fine retailers like Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom) was tailor-made for svelte thirty-somethings. Thoughts, PB readers? If you’d rather take the Rocco and leave the rest of the outfit, you can pick one up at ShopBop for $895.

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  • Joanna

    She looks stunning!

  • AshleyG

    I find myself seriously wanting that bag…and those slippers!

  • PhotoGirl

    It’s “oy vey” and “loath.”

    When you are older, you will perhaps: (a) be a better speller and (b) realize that one can wear anything at any age if one so desires.

    • Snow

      I agree, anyone else thinking this writer seriously needs an intervention? Seems there is always something negative to find in every celebrity she features. Why so? :(

  • ingrid

    maybe they were her pajamas? i’d probably be wearing super comfy clothes between film shoots and hair, makeup and wardrobe too. can you please brighten up a bit? maybe post about someone you really like and try to keep positive, you’re bringing down the vibe of the whole website!

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