Sharon Osbourne carries a huge Chanel bag in London (5)

Here’s Sharon Osbourne, arriving in London to play her part on the UK’s The X Factor (aka, the original X Factor). As you can see, Sharon is carrying a truly massive Chanel bag that we’re dubbing the Chanel Oversized Flap Bag. It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest Chanel bags we’ve ever beheld. It’s gargantuan, so it obviously makes a perfect airplane carry-on, especially if you’d like to smuggle something large and exotic across international borders, like a live animal.

Sharon’s handbag collection is chock full of black Chanel bags of every variety, but this bag obviously stands out from the crowd. In fact, you could probably fit all of her Hermes Birkins in this one Chanel bag, which makes it seem like a strangely practical choice for an A-lister like Sharon! You can examine the rest of Sharon’s Chanel stash in “The Many Bags of Sharon Osbourne.”

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