Sarah Jessica Parker carries Chanel

If you’ve spent any appreciable amount of time consuming celebrity gossip (or if you’ve been unlucky enough to encounter a roving band of paparazzi in person), you know that the people who make a living by taking pictures of movie stars taking out their trash aren’t art photographers by any stretch of the imagination. The idea is to make sure that the celebrity and what they’re doing is clear, not to make it beautiful. In spite of that reality, this photo of Sarah Jessica Parker carrying a Chanel Quilted Tote from the brand’s Spring 2012 accessories collection is proof that even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

We’ve had amazing weather in New York for the past week or so, and everything about this photo conveys what’s great about living in the West Village (SJP’s neighborhood of choice) on the cusp of fall. The warm, golden light, the tree-lined streets, the opportunity to wear real clothes instead of simply whatever will keep you warm enough or cool enough to be reasonably comfortable – it’s all there. I don’t know where SJP was headed with her Chanel bag, bouclé jacket (possibly also Chanel?), floral dress and Manolo Blahnik pumps, but I’m sure whatever event it was was impossibly chic. We just couldn’t resist sharing these photos with you (great handbag, great outfit, great style icon, great neighborhood!), so check out a few more snaps of SJP and her Chanel bag after the jump.

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  • Dominic Leto

    This is how I imagine Mrs. John James Preston to age. She steps gracefully off the stairs from her old apartment, and she is whisked away into a silent, discrete limosine.

  • The Suzy

    Now THAT’s style!

  • Laura

    I love me some SJP.

    • Dea


  • kemilia

    I agree–that is style! And it makes me wish SATC were still on.

  • Tiffany Whaley De Leon

    love her style! I wish they would make a SATC3!! I started watching the show and movies too late!

  • turadosapuay

    i really like the design.

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